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  1. anet, since you want us to do dungeons again due to June 7, 2022, update, let's be fair. please fix dungeon script/quest event npc bugs to make dungeons reasonable to do, instead of using unpredictable workarounds for these bugs. it would eliminate new player complaints and make dungeons into cool -to-do content.
  2. if you are physically challenged and have a someone nearby to help you and do not care about a sense of accomplishment by playing by yourself and like fishing and skiffing then buy it. if you are physically challenged and frustrated for constantly needing help and care about a sense of accomplishment and know about other mmo games where you can play the mmo in its entirety with and without a group, do not buy it and move on.
  3. since i am physically challenged and there are timed story events, that is another great reason that i stopped. now, i have no guilt or regret in stopping. my stoppage is complete. tyvm all for making me happier.
  4. i stopped playing all together. when most masteries are story locked and the story is cheesy af, it feels forced. when fishing is a major mastery grind and other games like rift has a simple, fun addicting skill level grind, eod fishing is not worth doing. when skiffing or boating becomes a long new mastery, instead of adding to the skimmer mastery, it is not worth doing. i like to thank anet for driving me away to other games back to gw1, swtor, even rift sounds good to play if you want fish for the fun of it.
  5. will a gw2 desktop icon with admin rights run the game faster?
  6. for eod, please create a scythe greatsword skin. it is about time that necro reapers have this.
  7. for, eod, please create more asian themed weapons like a ninjitsu greatsword, ninja stars, sickles with throwing chains, scythes with and even boomerang weapons. they can high tech like energy or laser bladed and keep the asian styles.
  8. please create dreamwalker weapons collection and develop all its weapons. it seems awkward to only have a dagger, long bow, and a scythe.
  9. Please create a dreamwalker weapons collection and develop all its weapons. It seems awkward to only have a dagger, long bow, and a scythe.
  10. in the total makeover kit and self-style-hair, page 6, line 1, column 2 hairstyle needs to support more dark colors and more hair on top of the female head to cover up the bald spot.
  11. do you know that you are white knighting anet's low quality default faces that are very hard to customize especially the eyes?. if you are a pro at character customization, please post all your slide scale settings of your beautiful asian toon
  12. eod asian faces are ridiculously, implausibly ugly and offensive. even my asian niece-in-law thinks they are unrealistic and ugly. please hire beautiful asian models and fix the eod asian faces,
  13. please develop charr gear punk and dredge stream punk themed mount skins. i wanted mad max look.
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