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  1. let all flying mounts inherit the glider lean, updraft masteries.
  2. ok. tyvm. they really should put it back if anet wants to boost their confidence with the community. 4 years have gone and anet staff come and go. lets what happens with the current management.
  3. the gw2 forum website lacks a suggestion box forum. the other mmos have it. if anet really wants to enhance their community communications and interactions, please add it.
  4. anet,the fossilized ambrite drop rate is very ridiculously low. please increase it to a reasonable drop rate and/or reward it from the events. pof does that for mosaics. there is no reason why you cannot do that in dry top. it would make the events more popular if you give the players a great and reasonable sense or motivation of accomplishment.
  5. i have a paid expansion account and was never f2p or banned. my status is always on-line with the green dot. however, i have a problem with grouping up. either the player cannot send me an invite or i cannot send an invite the other players. another problem is seeing other players' apple or commander map icons. on higher lvl zones, no problem. on lower lvl zones, it feel like an almond joy bar commercial, sometimes i see them and sometimes i don't. last night, in queensdale, some player in the chat helped with vic, the iron on his/her tag. no one saw the tag. but when you got there the tag
  6. yes. fire that does not match the color you want on the dark monarch skyscale. i have a black, lava, burnished steel colored forged looking dark monarch skyscale with a green blast flame. very silly looking.
  7. Mystic reaper is probably only referring to the fire on the dark monarch skin, the thought was in my head as soon as I got it aswell, dyed it black with white flames on the skin only to get green flames on the ground for my white and blue character. seems kind silly. yes. exactly my point.
  8. the skyscale blast skill flame color is not dyeable. it looks awkward of not having matching colors. especially on the dark monarch skin. there are other posts explaining the same issue. please add a dye slot for the flame color and make the community happy.
  9. raptors are like wolves. they hunt, travel, and live as in groups. i noticed most raptor npcs with the exception of the pocket raptors do not behave has packs. please fix the raptor npcs to inherit the wolf npc behaviors. it will increase the immersion of the dangers in game.
  10. my last trading post buy is repeating. i am worried about running out of inventory space. please stop it.
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