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  1. OP, type "GW2 solo champion" into youtube and enjoy. I want to be clear that I am not this good. 🙂 There's a wide gap in skill and knowledge. GW2 open world bosses deal with this by allowing zerging.
  2. What i cant stand is how human female light armor is either high-end call-girl or Victorian church-goer. Thankfully monastery armor looks decent. Just wish there was one regular pair of pants in all the choices.
  3. Some people have a main class, or main class per game mode (Fractals with X, WvW with Y, etc). Others have altitis but often fall back on a few core comfort specs. So, did one of the EoD specs capture you and enter the rotation? Which one, what game mode?
  4. Dont play support in a pug if these things truly bother you. I am curious - do you play WvW for rewards? I play because being part of a barbarian army is fun. I think the rewards from PvE are much better, just more boring to me.
  5. Honestly, I prefer dagger/x tempest for open world, doing the story, etc. Lots of different builds work - probably fresh air or celestial being the best.
  6. Best group of elites? Thief, by a narrow margin. All 3 are solid and provide a different gameplay.
  7. "Can we get a cheap strike tag with limited functions for groups of 10?" You could have led off with something like that, expanded a bit in the body explaining, and your post wouldnt sound so needy and inflammatory.
  8. To those advocating more LFG, please realize there are players with very different approaches and tastes. Some people are very objective orient, and LFG serves that well. Some are less caring about objectives, and more interested in feeling like they live in a virtual world, with stuff happening and a bunch of us in the neighborhood responding without wikis or strong organization. (and many people enjoy both, as well) I'm not saying "ban LFG". I think it makes people happy. I'm saying "something's off in EoD, the maps are empty and I almost never run into organic content anymore,
  9. I don't mind fractals, dungeons, raids being supported by a LFG tool. There's a strong part of the community that enjoys these aspects of the game. The more enjoyment, the better for all. But the living world was billed as chaotic place that felt alive, with events and map events helping to solidify that feel. But this only works when there's enough people on the map, and too often all the people are turning to LFG to bring order to the chaos, and the truly casual souls end up on empty maps by the instancing algorithm, and the living world ends up feeling dead.
  10. I really haven't been into the expansion as much as I'd like. I think the aesthetics are wonderful, the events I've done are fun, etc, but I miss just knocking about the world, running into things, a big mass of us get together to bring the bigger things down, and so on. I've realized that this is due to LFG. Want to do the meta in <x>? Answer:LFG. Want the turtle? Kaineng LFG. etc.. To make matters worse, the LFG groups take over an instance, so when I login I'm in a very lonely instance - I can't count the number of times I login or zone in, only to have the game shove
  11. FWIW: 1) There is most certainly a vast gulf between a roamer with 100s of hours on a strong build vs a PvE player new to WvW on whatever build they are using. Player skill is unlikely to make a difference here.. 2) A mount is useful when trying to run around and get camps, sentries, etc. A new player should really play defensively until they get their bearings, but at some point get out there and die, we all did that. 🙂 3) Like everyone says, it is by far easier to get hero points in PoF, EoD, and HoT. Honestly, it's probably faster 1 by 1 in old Tyria if you have a mount. I
  12. I like most of them. My big 3 are bladesworn, esp as I grasped the tactical decisions you can make with dragon trigger; harbinger, with a very nice burst mechanic, and virtuoso. I agree with the person above who said virtuoso is surprisingly strong; I've made many builds, and they all worked out well, even the stealth/condi build.
  13. So I've got 30 mins to an hour, no more. I want to jump in, go bash things in the open world, hopefully find a group doing events, bosses, whatever. If I have to jump out early, no harm, it's a big bunch of us. Most of the places I go nowadays seem pretty empty; I suspect more people are using LFG to meet up?
  14. I'm not impressed with the design nor the traits. It feels like a lot of finicky work for dubious achievements. Having said that, if you have a scepter, you can dragon's tooth, then put your field under it to create a combo. All combos gives you an aura based on whatever alignment the field is (you could always switch before tooth lands). So if you are in fire, tooth, switch to earth, combo field, now you have a magnetic aura. If you went 1-1-1, you have a little damage reduction, a little more damage, and stability. I think this spec actually has real potential in competitive w
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