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  1. I'd love to agree, however, Sword two sometimes fails to even register the actual hit, Sword 3 can sometimes suffer with precast delay and aftercast delay, it also feels like sword 3 needs a very slight leap / dash added into it so you are 'putting all your force' into the thrust. Oh believe me I would love to have played with the offhand skills if Pistol was mainhand... But yes Sword offhand feels out of place and illfitting to warrior due to how situational it actually is.
  2. I honestly wish more people use SHIFT + T rather than CTRL + T, it is far more useful than the T imo for a quick audio notification to all players that an ally has been tagged or an enemy, This will let your team know if someone needs healing or someone needs to be targeted. And... it doesnt stay on the target! The big cross hair enfuriates me every time i see it as it does block up the screen ( not by much but enough to be noticeable, i prefer a clean screen )
  3. When people were asking for it years ago, there were enough people. It's just taken too long to be a thing now.
  4. The double tap bug is one of the most annyoing bugs i keep having go off consistantly on Bladesworn, since you can not stow the weapon from a ammo skill discharge you will always waste 1 ammo skill on skill slot 2 or 3 due to this bug. If skill 3 goes off, no problem it has no animation locks. However if skill 2 goes off, you are now locked into a 3/4 animation attack due to a bug wasting the skill and slowing you down making you vulnerable to attack. Part of this issue stems from the fact that the burst skills are part of the same bundle flipping over skill set but counting the key press a
  5. I wish for pistols range to be increased by switching it to the mainhand.
  6. ah I thought you were refering top the whole trait including the passive.
  7. This is actually incorrect. The axe mastery has a passive and an active, the active is the 2+ might on axe crits and an EXTRA stack of fero for each axe in hand, 120 base + 120 per axe for a total of 360 fero. Forceful Greatsword - 100% might on greatsword crits 50% on all other weapons. gain 120 power. All the passives must function regardless of what weapon is in hand else warriors new kit becomes a sub optimal weapon holding you back due to no trait synergy. Traits were reworked to be used with other weapons than just the weapon it is focused on, this is meant to allow f
  8. My common consensus on the Bladesworn Utilities was that Flow Stabilizer was the only usable one (other than the elite and heal). I decided to give Dragonspike Mine a try out just to take advantage of the F2 reset. This one skill allows you to back to back Dragon slashes, the actual evade and mine I do feel however to be faily useless due to the lack of damage from the mine and the rather annoying distance you create when using the skill offensivly. For this to work you need Flow Stabilizer to be used when charging up the first slash to provide enough flow for the follow up second
  9. Hmmm, this being said.. this could make an amazing replacement for the number 2 skill! Copying the concept of rapid shot ammo like Draagon's Roar, Rapid Fire could use the same system, reloads over time, or rifle butt to reload at least half the stack, when used it rapidly shoots the 5-8 Bullets at the same speed as Dragon's Roar. This would allow the rifle to have burst potential rather than the slightly faster auto attack in a 5 bullet volley.
  10. Are you moving when you try to use it? Any movement will break the skills use and put you back into the gunsabre.
  11. Now Shield Master has been a go to for all you reflect fans out there. Works great on shield, works great on Mace and Sword for those projectile shots however, this is where the trait fails to add this effect onto the more recent blocks, Bulletproof Barrier. When traited Shield Master does not effect the utility skill Bulletproof Barrier's block into a reflect as the trait states. Not only would this create great synergy with the trait lines and new tools it would also make a very useless skill, useful. In addition to this which i found quite funny, Aegis is effected by the tr
  12. I need to test this and pay attention, i just assumed it was the same underwater as it was on land. This being said, the skill is honestly horrible to use. From a PvP standpoint, the skill takes too long to even land on most targets, if they are running away the explosions go off where they were missing them entirely. Now for the moments when this skill finally lands, at most you will see 1,000-2,000 damage maybe a 3,000 on the rare moments, compare that to Attillery Slash which will pump out those numbers rapidly and from range. The number two skill needs a total animation rework, sped u
  13. Im honestly on the 'its the worst skill in the kit' team here. Not only does it have a huge aftercast, it has such a short range, (sometimes goes off if you double tap 2 on Dragon's Reach) does low damage compaired to the other skills in the kit. In the time it takes to do one Blooming Fire, you can either do 3 Artillery Slash's in rapid succession or a cyclone trigger and Artillery Slash, which leave you with very little if not no after cast. If we are talking about the traits for the spec, one shot from the pistol offhand almost caps you instantly, and does far more damage than Blooming F
  14. On a side note, that speed buff really needs to be something the pilot can only use not the gunner as it really makes the turtle hard to control on turns. You can essentially be trolled by your own gunner with that skill.
  15. Even if its another mastery to unlock it, im fully game for that. Would be a bonus to see four chains shoot out from the mech parts to anchor the turtle down to allow you to shoot.
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