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  1. Imagine being angry over grind in an MMO. The two literally go together like milk and cookies.
  2. To be fair, the core game (level 1 up to Zaihtan) is do-able by banging your face on your keyboard, and HoT is do-able by doing much of the same, but occasionally remembering to get out of certain red circles, so for most players skilll use, build comp, and gear is kinda nebulous. I lost count of how many new players I've had to tell that their gear and traits don't matter for the core game, but that they should think about optimizing for end game content if that was the direction they wanted to go in. That being said, the simple fact that the skill level "jump" between general PvE and the o
  3. I guess my major issue here is that this change to torment is really about nerfing scourge in PvP while boosting it in PvE and ignores core necro and how its main source of condi dmg relied on kiting and fear while applying torment. Not to mention those CCs to hold players in place while tormenting them don't mean a thing to a boss that just stands there anyway. I'm just wondering why they felt the need to do the change across the board instead of just flipping it for PvE and reducing the overall damage in PvP or reduce the frequency it could be applied in PvP, but still leave the higher dam
  4. Yeah, I hadn't even gone in with my FB, just my alt account with a core guardian and the insane uptime i had with Reso, while fun in a meme kinda way, was also just nuts. I could go full glass or condi and basically sit in condi dmg and cleans what little hit me. I can't wait for the endless complaints about how guards eat condi dmg for breakfast.
  5. Effective monetization. The list one you might like, you try to save up statuettes, when you get enough, they rotate them out, but list them in the store. So you weigh if you want to buy it while its available for a limited time. In short, it plays off of FOMO. Ingenious in its simplicity.
  6. Please don't give them any ideas. They have the technology to do this.
  7. Nonsense. I still roll with my Dawn and Incinerator on a few characters as do many other people. In no world does adding more variety limit variety. That not even how english works.
  8. I'd wager as long as the bot is only logged into a single account and its "behaving" as a normal character (going to a series of nodes and using a tool to harvest), then they probably don't prioritize them too much. But that's just a guess. Maybe they'll focus more on them once they get their manpower back from doing the xpac dev.
  9. I agree with everything you said except here. They literally had all that lore to work with to make Primordus THE big bad we needed to really fight against. The ground work (no pun intended) was all there. Instead they are banking on any of us caring on whit about bubbles just because they are taking the story to Cantha, all while showing and obvious disdain for the established the narrative. At this point I'm waiting for the final cut scene of EoD being the NPCs from GW1 waking up after the final fight from EoTN with Ogden standing over them and telling them it was all a dream. I'm not e
  10. The fact that the saga can be abbreviated to IBS should have clued us in, just sayin'. 😕
  11. I'd joke more about how bad that story step was if it wasn't such a slap in the face as a long time player from back in the GW1 days. It was insulting tbh. Since this wasn't the first time they've treated Primordus like this I can't have high hopes for EoD.
  12. I agree a lot has been done to cripple the story over the years, but this one story step (for me at least) was the harshest, showing the most disregard for the lore, and its just killed any chance of the EoD story being worthwhile in my eyes. I just don't think much will be done for the other things you mentioned either and it feels more like they are pushing to wrap up GW2 on the whole as fast as possible, but that's a completely different topic altogether.
  13. I've been trying to find the best way to express this without being overly harsh, but it is getting exceedingly difficult to be practical in these kinds of critiques when the thing being addressed KEEPS being done. Long ago, people complained about the absolutely poor job Anet did in handling the final fight of the core story, reducing that encounter with an elder dragon to pressing 1 on a cannon until it died. It was horribly anticlimactic and treated what was supposed to be the big bad of the launched game as an after-thought of sorts. In subsequent xpacs, it seemed like Anet took the cr
  14. Yes, yes it does. Its something to work towards. If you're dropping real world money on that, then thats on you.
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