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  1. I hated it when I kept losing. But love it when I kept winning. People are frickle. 1 thing is 2v2 matches end much faster. Surely a positive
  2. The holo 2 leap is very far, but forge 3 leap is much closer. Can Anet level it out? Also why can't both leaps be 2 as it is less confusing for players. Lastly after dodge roll my Prime Light Beam shoots at no one, dispite the mob that I just rolled pass. Can Laser Disk cast time be reduced? Overall I find HS battle mode unintuitive.
  3. Can you sell something that after consumed will remove visual effects of a weapon?
  4. anet need give this guy more men and help him out. backpack needs be dyeable, yes... 😁
  5. But why Scepter of Thorn, Snakeroot of Dreams, Ilex Sword blue hue shining through our toon's hands?
  6. I play heal herald, but people only think that herald is good for dps. BTW could you tone down the herald shine effect? Yes the ground symbol is annoying and distracting. Can anet make it less visible or semi transparent rather
  7. Go to Lions Arch, find the garden statue, choose a track, and record audio with mobile phone. Then you can set it ring tone as long is personal, not for resale or commercial purpose you should be fine.
  8. Question. If the weapon is on 2 templates. Can I make them different look on each template? Assuming it is the same weapon, and I only got 1 weapon. If yes, what happens when I remove from template. It will take commute look of which template?
  9. I chanced into the Arrowhead nest and killed a couple of its younglings. Thats how I got mine. A question, must it be the elementalist doing the kill?? Can it be any my alts?
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