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  1. Yea but then gardens should have butterflies, trees should have squirrels, list keeps going
  2. What I mean is I don't know what ele is good at. If I may be direct here, why would I want to start a toon on ele. The fighting mechanics of an ele doesn't appeal to me
  3. If anet's gonna make us keep redoing the done stories, please introduce some kind of safety nets when in some cases people get a client issue at least they can get back to game and proceed where they left off previously and not have to start the story over again. It is maddening
  4. Good idea! If raid have easy mode, people will not be so toxic. And casuals can get in and have a feel of raids. You probably just tone down the boss HP levels and rewards
  5. Bulk contract renames for -30%. Players these days have many toons.
  6. A class good at every elements is a master of none
  7. There been much response so I did not discount what you said or saying. But ugly is ugly. You can't talk your way out or brain wash me can you? Bring something fresh. Not something we already seen with slight mods.
  8. I am maxed out of every crafting disclipine. I wish anet bring in more comfy looking, realistic backpacks. Even the space themed ones if they are well designed. Currently I see this space as contents lacking
  9. See? Missing the point again. There is minimal design effort or work. Merely seeing color flip? This is 3rd time and I do not want to repeat this with you. Even with "reasons" they can be made to look more different instead of a like for like. Seriously? Type in everything manually? What? I did that like much of time. And so? I could use the wth at you too. This not my point, I repeat, wouldn't like the tp flooded with much of the same. Not really. Just need strike the right balance. Moving on What I'm sorry? I could easl
  10. The backpacks on TP are ridiculous. They are lanterns not backpacks. Click TP > Armor > Back. You see lanterns. Where is backpacks? You are using lanterns as backpacks? Out of creativity???? Why show lanterns design when people are looking for backpacks or back pieces. Lol Where on earth have you seen people wearing their lanterns as back item? So curious and strange. Not a single decent, nice looking, neat backpack from TP on offer?
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