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  1. Exactly what i mean. And i hate that common sense is not around in some ppl. They just afk farm. maybe, tho i dislike such consequences, but maybe let defend event trigger throug repair. But inly for …. 50 supplies you put in or something like that you know? that would mean you participate through repair but you lose participation (yes the overall one aswell) if you only do that. Hm.
  2. I was asking when this comes up lol. yeah reaper and scourge are clearly >>>>> harbinger. not balancewise. Funwise.
  3. I understand that the topic is about these 2 boons. And we agree in general about boon uptime overall i think. (At least more or less). personally i find these 2 boons way funnier gameplay-wise than might or fury. all those boons give you a certain amount additional damage, right? Why do you think these 2 specifically are problematic?
  4. Why only these 2? you are right but think it through. pure offensive wise: what is the difference between alac and,,, fury? Or 25 migjt stacks? all those boons do is „more pewpew“ for me, in some way or the other. and other boons work defensively. it is odd to say that only those 2 are a problem. A boon is a temporary buff. It makes you pewpew harder or take less pew pew for ->a certain amount of time<- having them up ->all<- the time is kinda the opposite of „temporary“ so boons might aswell be passives. the Problem, as i said before, is imo the accessibility of boons. i agree with you but i extend your point to „all boons“. (And to some amount this also counts for conditions like vulnerability or such things)
  5. Okay but that one specc could also be adjusted a bit to be fair. generally speaking: boons are alright but i think their accessibility is unhealthy (through all Gamemodes btw.) it should not be the thing, neither in pve nor in pvp/wvw that it is possible to have „all boons all the time“. just delete all boons then and raise coefficients of abilities cause boons are permanent, thus, without a purpose. Make boons a temporary power spike / defense spike you react with to something happening.
  6. Ahaa. i thought (or hoped) it had to be something like that but was not sure. Thank you.
  7. Nah i mean… wall gets hit to 98% crosses triggered crosses run out. wall is still at 98% -> do they get teiggered again? Why yes? Why not? If not, the game knows that this wall already was 98% before. If yes, the structure is permanently „under attack“. how is it now cause the second option is awfully bad. Especially if WP get contested too (do they?). i cannot imagine that it’s working as intended to perma shutdown a waypoint with 1 shot of a treb half across the map you know.
  8. I was not around really but did they complain that you get participation or did they complain that you can kinda afk farm through pointless repairing? cause the first one is silly while tge second one would be very understandable.
  9. Is it like that: as soon as a wall / gate is under 98% the structure is marked as attacked? so like it is crossed with swords forever until somebody repairs to 100%? this would be super-silly.
  10. The suspense is killing me like alfred hitchcock tagged up as a commi huh?
  11. Especially the mobility abilities for underwaterweapons are worth finding out. Yes, good hint.
  12. If you are a casual player just play the game and don’t overthink it. Repair a wall when it makes sense, kill enemies when you can, get all the structures you can get. End of story.
  13. Or… you know…. finally fix eploits / glitches / hacks / whatever? naaaah I’m just kidding. Who would want that? Silly me.
  14. I understand your concept and it’s not silly or anything… it could help scorewise but… you know… i don’t care much about score. When i get steamrolled by a zerg i get steamrolled by a zerg. Said coefficient doesn’t prevent that. It’s even more bad, cause now we can still get better score and potentially rank up against another overpopulated team that steamrolls again. the score should be used for balancing so good fights can happen. If you falsify the score by a coefficient i would fear that the fights don’t improve. i hope i can make sense. 😄
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