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  1. sPVP match running dwarf and alliance stance. Was unable to use any heal or elite. Flipping alliance skills never flipped heal or elite (always stayed red side). Pressing the button triggered the shrinking symbol meaning that the input was recognized, but nothing happened. It remained for the entire match but was resolved when the match was over.
  2. Let's be honest. The change to the pet controls was the only design change to the mechanist. Everything else was just numbers cosmetic. It is absolutely possible to make the mechanist perform well by overloading stuff like the shift signet, but it will not fix any of the existing design flaws. As a reminder: -> Core utilities still lack a compensation for the loss of toolbelt skills -> Stats inherited by the mech means that gear limits trait selection -> Limited bonuses for the engi from traits, making the engi feel like the pet
  3. The mechanist changes did not fix any of the real problems, instead you are doubling down on the limitations! 1. Signets are even more powerfull after the buffs, while the core ones are still "nerfed" by the uncompensated removal of the toolbelt. 2. Mech will rely more than ever on taking over your stats after the base stats have been reduced. The trait selection will thus depend on your gear. No mix and match, except for the signet GM trait maybe. 3. The player still gets little to nothing out of the traits. We are effectively the pet of the mech trying to keep it alive,
  4. Honestly, turrets are the only aspect of the engineers kit that requires a rework. I like your suggestion of a spirit weapon approach and hope we get it now (since yet another pet is incoming.... sad...). Everything else can be fixed with tweaks and there are many options to do that, so I wouldn't be more specific than: buff pistol, gadgets (to compete with elixirs) and some of the underutilized traitlines. I would absolutely like to see more splitting between PvE/WvW/PvP. Look at Purity of purpose for instance, in WvW you always have 5+ targets for your support, while in sPvP you
  5. After some more testing, especially of the healing specter, I have to admit that the spec is actually very well designed as a concept. Single target heal is definitely more healthy and interactive than the scourge/firebrand aoe spam. I think it will have its niche in the game. One problem that does demand attention, in my opinion, is the general thief issue of having no CDs. This, in combination with the initiative system, usually renders spamming 1 ability more efficient than using all of your weapon abilities. Rifle Deadeye is suffering from the same problem, while the D/P Darede
  6. The mech and sigils are clearly overtuned in sPvP, but lets ignore this and focus on the design issues. This spec will not have a lot of build variability as is, for several reasons: 1. Traits The traits are designed in a way that you rarely ever want to mix and match. Only offering 3 traits would have barely made a difference compared to the current 1-1-1/2-2-2/3-3-3 design that leaves little space for customization. 2. Golem stats Since the golem is taking a percentage of your stats, you can never run a golem that does something else than you are
  7. Thief has now access to bonus damage on bleed, poison and torment. Combine that with a spammable #3 (dual wield) ability on scepter/dagger and you have everything that core condi thief ever wanted. Unfortunately, the build is and has always been quite degenerate: F1-3-3-3-3-1-1-1-3-1-1-1-F1-3-3-1-1 You get the point. 3 button thief... not great for the game.
  8. Hey everyone, I was quite disappointed with the mechanist (for reasons I am discussing later). Seeing the teasers, I was expecting something else that I would like to present and discuss here. I believe that this design would not only be more interesting, but also more healthy for the game and more interactive from a mechanical point of view. Cybernetic Innovator Class mechanic: Cybernetic enhancer (F5) Upon activation the cybernetic enhancer flips over your toolbelt (F1-4) skills and replaces them by your cybernetic skills temporarily. F1: Cybernetic eye
  9. What a nightmare ... Pets are the one reason I never liked ranger. AI is just not a good design, as it is often clunky, not interactive and too much passive carrying potential. Having the traits affect what it does is cool, but overall I would rather play without it... I feel like they had no ideas and just went with the most popular community suggestions.
  10. The catalyst got me really excited. A catalyst is something that speeds up reactions, so it is kind of an ampflifier that interacts with all the things you do. The profession mechanic being essentially a free well every X seconds does not really live up to the idea. It only interacts with combo finishers and ele already has a lot of access to combo fields... I honestly have to suggest a redesign here: 1. Turn the wells into utilities. 2. Replace the free wells by a fire/water/earth/air catalyst effect that either has a set duration or set number
  11. Out of the three presented elite specs, this is the only one I did not like. It seems very weird to me that guardian gets a high mobility assassin spec, which is the opposite of what guardians thematically do. I also find it potentially toxic to the game to have high mobility on a class with great support/boon access as well as good dmg and duelling abilities. In the end, this might lead to a situation that numbers need to be undertuned in order to stop this spec from stomping everyone, which would make it either useless or overpowered... Apart from this general design remark, I ca
  12. I like the design of the shroud. It is very interesting that you do no longer get a second health bar and use it for healing instead. I also do like the pistol and condi orientation of the spec. As many others have pointed out, the elixirs are very uninspired and I would have been hoping for more. Thematically, an agressive use (throwing them like grenades) might be better. However, other suggestions in this thread, like transformations or messing with the blight machanic, are also good. Another idea to consider, as a fan of the witcher series I would like the idea of getting the d
  13. Since the expansion is still months away, it does not really make sense to comment on balance. I am sure number tuning is going to happen. The design is, in my opinion, the best among the three presented elite specs by a fairly large margin. It does preserve the identity of a mesmer, while getting rid of annoying and (pvp wise) toxic mechanics. I really like that blades are kept out of combat, but cannot be further stacked. The cast time and clear animation is also very good for the game. As others have pointed out though, it should have some flexibility when casting regarding faci
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