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  1. Thief is an interesting answer. I thought it had a huge skill cap (not for deadeye or specter tho) I know from fighting good ones that they are very annoying to 1v1 since they always disappear from you. but brain dead is not the word I’d use
  2. I love fire weaver! But since I don’t feel like playing that hard in pve I save it for only pvp games. i guess I’ll stick with mechanist for my story and start leveling and gearing my ranger.
  3. I’m not the best player. But I very much enjoy the tanker duelist builds. my main currently is engi but with the nerf to scrapper and my “have to like at least two specs in a profession” scrappers been scrapped lol necros nerf to harbinger is tough, if I get targeted and I don’t have every escape possible I’m dead no question. On top of that the damage isn’t as strong so it doesn’t feel justified to be that squishy. Reaper is solid but I don’t like core or scourge. I’ve played every profession at least once so I have an idea of how they should play but I’m not
  4. I’m a pretty new player and this is going to be weird but I kinda want to seee a longbow spec. Just cause the short mortar range makes me wish I had that ranger distance. my idea would be a true mech spec so you go into the mech like a holosmith ability but it has a health pool like the mechanist. once the mech dies or gets undone you go into ranged mode. the mech would be all melee and Tanky and have a longish cast time so people aren’t quickly switching from tank to ranged kinda like a build up and build down animation. That’s just my idea
  5. Plzzzzz tell me you have some videos of this. I’ve been searching for mechanist WvW videos and haven’t found any! you going with the ranged build or the condi build I’ve been seeing around?
  6. I may be new here but I don’t understand why people still talking about playable tengu in EoD. wasn’t there already a expansion announcement? Wouldn’t they have talked about something as big as a new race, that’s usually a big selling point in mmos. I mean I would love to play one as I play charr now but wish he was more upright like the tengu plus not a fan of the big heads. But i don’t expect to play one unless they announce it during an expansion announcement. forgive my ignorance but if gw2 expansion announcements work differently then other mmos let me
  7. Interesting, so can y’all also let me know what’s worth getting for the Halloween event? Like any cool transmog or are they temporary costumes? I love Halloween events in game so I’ll want to collect everything I can. What should I do to take full advantage of
  8. Hey I’m new here and want people’s take on a few things, mostly on the event. what should I be doing to take advantage of this event? I saw a npc had 20 bag slots which is something I’ve been struggling with since I started playing so I thought my best route would be to use one of my boosters on a “event farming” profession to get the bags for my main. I choose theif since I heard daredevil is a good spec for it but I don’t have any hero points and I’m not sure if grinding those out will give me enough time to actually farm out those bags. with the exp boost I’m
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