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  1. i dont play all the time. i work 12 hour shifts for a month or more and come back and play for a few weeks. this system would lock me out from playing with friends when i get back.
  2. yep my new BG cant even make it out of the spawn with blue and red fighting over our maps. this was better how?
  3. the only thing this beta did was bring me to a forum to voice my displeasure rather than playing. ive never been in the forum till now.
  4. shorter would be great. i only have the next two weeks to play before im deployed and would like to see my friends in game.
  5. How about a game i can play with friends. being stuck in a WvW with no friends sucks.
  6. when is this over? i only came back to WvW with a friend. guess ill uninstall till this is over.
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