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  1. ofc, and imo most of them will quit soon after alliances are (theoretically) released its such a bad idea from the Devs to force the people now to either join a player-controlled guild or get farmed by those 😗
  2. Don't worry, 3 Equal coverage distributed over the whole week yes 😝 So don't worry, 2 hours later red was totally dominating green and blue, making the match balanced and even again. 😏
  3. And why and for how long whould those randoms and new players let them get farmed by private alliance choo-choo-baggy-trains ?
  4. Simply transferring the WvW rewards to EotM would create a similar experience as that alliance thing that they invest so much into for years now 😝
  5. Not expecting anything else. The Devs try to replace WvW with the success story of EotM. A place that for a decade now is known for its balanced competition, teamplay and community goals. 😏
  6. Player A: „Do you want to join our Alliance? It’s made for people that play mainly 2-4 pm, because we love to brain-afk dominate for ez loot and K-train. Only takes some clicks and doesn’t cost gems.” Player B: “Sry, I’m already in an Alliance that spreads over off-hours. So we can totally dominate the war score. Only takes some clicks and doesn’t cost gems.” Player C : “Hey there, nice to meet you two. Shall we do som….” Player A + B: “Nope, sry. Private Alliance raid begins in some minutes.” 😏
  7. get stacked or get snacked 😝 so dont worry, we will soooon have alliance vs. randoms all day long that will surely lift this mode to the next level of content and phun
  8. Ofc, in brain-afk "stack-on-tag-your-cookie-cutters" blobs, you will never find build diversity. Never, no matter how good Anet would balance stuff. Cause Commanders want to command, so: -> everyone is forced to choose from a small set of cookie cutters with signature skills that can be called, you cant command a squad with XY diverse builds, even if they are great in blobs -> everyone has to stack on tag, cause you cant command a cloud, which rules out lots of great WvW builds So maybe you want to have a look at roaming, clouding zergs, random small scale, guilds w
  9. too complicated for most ppl as you can see in this thread: for example this guy, he thinks that the NPCs !!! are supposed to defend his keeps 😝
  10. We (the WvW players) are waiting for this for years. Ok, most already gave up, because even after 10 years strange ppl still believe that PPT = Ktrain, lol its not, its fighting for objects. Ktraining T0 keeps doesnt give high PPT. Almost every PvP team game follows this super simple concept, defend your base, capture the flag, whatever. Unfortunatelly, there are some strange ppl that still dont understand this, and they all gather at WvW cause they pretend that its a sandbox game 🤪 Ofc its not. You can give them 10 GvG arenas, they will still come to WvW and block maps and server
  11. Its amazing what people do to get their daily done 😳
  12. plz make tags invisible for team members but visible for enemies so we can find fights faster we don’t want to play with our teammates, cause they don’t play the way we want to play and that makes them noobs we don’t want to play with noobs, we want to fight noobs and kill them in easy mode cause that makes us l33t 🤪
  13. In Brazil, spring starts in September and ends in November . . . just saying 😁
  14. There was a time when a world played as a team vs. 2 other worlds with the intention to win the match. Now we have private or password-restricted squads fighting other private squads for lewd and glory. So basically, WvW is already dead, in fact it became an EotM brawl. Anet now tries to reanimate WvW with alliances. But all they will achieve is to completely split the player base in private communities and randoms. Anet decided against using a defibrillator, instead they choose a wooden pile and a hammer, aiming at the heart. Lets see how this will work out
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