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  1. The game is in dire need of an overhaul. We wont get it though they're still working on that wvw overhaul thing.
  2. Guardians defensive boons outside of fb are short durations anyways. And offensive boons are only needed when you engage so they dont gain a full 40% true benfit. Also thats not how multipliers works. Losing a 25% multiplier is not 25% damage lost as your first statement implies. Hp is close enough to marauders to not matter, and far less than dire so thats not really a valid stance.
  3. Games are not won with raw stats. Raw stats are only a small portion of how damage functions. Multipliers are always superior. For example guardians can go cele, but that means taking the accompanying traitlines and dedicating at least 2 grandmaster traits to actually have the burning damage do something. This means losing about -25% total multipliers to your power damage, losing a stunbreak, stability, 25% crit damage and ~8 might stacks. Leaving you with low burn ticks and low crits struggling to take effect. Opponents can simply stall your burns out longer to manage
  4. Are you playing the game dude? At all? Did you forget your password or something? https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015835487-I-Want-to-Change-My-Password Heres the tutorial link to reset it so you can come play the game the rest of us are. You managed to pair the spec specifically designed to remove aegis with a complaint about it being overabundant. Let that sink in.
  5. One sec let me just unplug my keyboard so Murat can play the game.
  6. My cat told me you dont quite understand how satire works.
  7. Yes you can if you're not gold. Walk to the edge of ring and break on the right moment as the cc hits, welcome outside the ring. Breath the free air.
  8. The physical heal is pretty easy to shut down though. Any form of soft or hard cc without stab will deny it. Aware opponents will just deny it. Many skills will still either inflict their damage on you anyways or at least the conditions and effects of the incoming attack even if reversal procs. Get hit by torch 4 with reversal youre still going to get burned, the 'negate the attack' part of the heal text is bullskitten. Unblockable skills will deny the proc of reversal for some reason even though it is not a block. Test of faith and simmilar skills cannot be cro
  9. I mean watch the clip, Naru got his reversal denied multiple times every match. From enemys calling it, to ccing it, to some random effect canceling it, to reversal proccing but still taking all effects of the incoming attack anyways.
  10. Hammer 3 Hammer 2 randomly does nothing
  11. Found the guy who watches a dh drop 5 traps on point and then walks in anyways with his cd's used.
  12. This change should have come to wvw.
  13. How to identify a free kill above silver.
  14. Yeah I cant take anyone seriously who thinks the hammer AA is good in any game mode Pvp/wvw/pve.
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