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  1. I absolutely hate this e-spec. This is worse than weave when the weaver first came out. The AMOUNT of micromanaging you have to do is insane. First you have to keep "striking" for this energy so you can use your "sphere" Wait you need energy? yes it's that's teeny tiny thing on top of that sphere. Now you have a sphere, go use combo so you can get auras. It's that skill 5 on your hammer. Oh you wanna switch attunements? go ahead but do it before the enemies move. Oh no, the enemy moved, you have to wait cause you can't move this sphere. Oh what's that the au
  2. Out of all the elite specs... this is the most satisfying to play for sure. The spec is the easiest to learn I feel and the reward for charging up DSlash is super nice to see. When you're doing 100+k damage on a Marauder Stat on a difficult HoT HP boss, you can't help but feel that instant gratification. My only suggestion so far is to probably just change how you swap into the Gunsaber. Make it so when you "enter" combat, your weapon swap icon changes in a different "icon" that represents you can now "swap" into a gunsaber. THEN. Make F1 just for Dragontri
  3. This is the time to include earth field tbh. Blast Finisher: Protection Leap Finisher: Magnetic Aura Projectile Finisher: Cripple Whirl Finisher: Bleeding Bolt
  4. It feels pretty strong already tbh. When you play mirage, torment and confusion are very effective now compared to what they were before.
  5. Yes. This is my point exactly. They could've taken inspirations from the existing Rifle Types. Flamethrower, Elixir gun, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Mortar Kit.. etc. The ele could've have THAT range play style which would've been unique to them instead of the mid-range thing the hammer offers. Also mechanic for hammer 3 would've been great for Rifle. Use it defensively or shoot the projectiles. We're still missing a true glass cannon build.
  6. so far all the leaks are correct. so i guess teefs getting a magic stick. 💀
  7. The only thing I liked about the catalyst is the animation of the skills. The rest of the spec behave like a scrapper from hammer down to the "gyro" aka "sphere". 🤷‍♂️
  8. Guild Chat literally just confirmed it. The little sphere thing is practically a "Function Gyro" that creates more combo fields. Hammer and Gyros... If that's not a scrapper then idk what is.
  9. That's the teef. Instead we literally get a Scrapper Copy-Paste.
  10. My thoughts from it being a "technology" weapon came from the fact that they mention the Dragon Jade technology during the teaser for the Catalyst. The Rifle would've been the perfect weapon for "channeling" this Dragon Jade energy, especially paired with the spheres/familiar. Also so far Mesmer, Guardian, and Rev are getting ur traditional weapons. Dagger, GS, and Sword.
  11. Well it was just confirmed that Ele will get a hammer for the new elite spec. I'm not super excited about this but we'll see during beta how it plays. After watching the teaser, I couldn't help but see the missed opportunity of the ele getting a Rifle for the new elite spec. Here are my thoughts: 1. Rifle could've filled something that the elementalist is missing. Long Range single target glass cannon spec. This new spec is ANOTHER melee focused weapon, which we already got with the weaver (yeah I know you don't have to be stuck using the sword but my point is the spec's main
  12. There's so many CC attacks in the current game that you already often get stunlock even in SPvP. Combine that with the crazy immobs of the current Condi Metas... Chill is fine. Blocking is fine.
  13. With the speculations of the Rev Legend being associated with the Foefire, idk, it makes sense. But we'll see.
  14. So do guys think that the icon for this spec is the "Flame" one with the diamond?
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