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  1. Is there any way to change/update a karmic enrichment to Celebratory Birthday Enrichment? Hoping to save a little gold and laurels without having to delete my old karmic enrichment to buy the new Celebratory Birthday Enrichment.
  2. This is a suggestion that's prob. very old, but would like Soulbound 24-Slot Gossamer Saddlebag to be tradable for Bound on Account versions. This would allow players to trade bags to different crafters wthin the same account to upgrade the item, otherwise, its stuck forever as a 24 slot with no way to upgrade. Was recently inspired to upgrade from my 20 slots:
  3. For those that got the extra currencies: Fire Orchid Blossoms Unbound Magic Go to Draconis Mons and purchase at least two Gilded Orchid Band (ascended ring). Then attune it using: Philosopher's Stones Agonized Essence +1 Agony Infusion It'll work, no problem. Now comes the part that crashes the game: click Refill for the second ring. Did you crash?
  4. Nevermind, I finally found the problem- Assembly Station was previously maxed out at 250 stacks of the item, which is why I couldn't make any more. .... would be great if the game devs would make this crafting easier for newbs.
  5. When I click on Craft, it doesn't make the item nor increase my scribe crafting level, which is at 50. Am I missing a specific guild permission? My Guild Panel shows 24/25 Maximum in storage, so I would think that I could still craft at least one.
  6. ...unable to reach log-in server...
  7. Well, at least I'm the first the post a link to an image comparison...
  8. Does this NPC regularly use an Identity Repair Kit to change her appearance?I've noticed several times that her appearance changes, so much, in fact its as if its two different characters. The wikki only shows her blonde version: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Gianna See pic:https://postimg.cc/MfwVk9FR
  9. LFG Tool currently showing no teams looking for people for Fractals, and when I try to list/add my own group, it doesn't show up.Keep getting ".... game client is unable to gain access to the login-in server at this time...." Note, however, the LFG is working for some other topics, such as Central Tyria-Squads.Weird.
  10. Yep, that fixed it! So, that's how the Disperser works, thanks.
  11. It's been a while, but what happened to the cats in the home instances?They've been gone ever since the Cosmic Essences were phased out for fractals.
  12. Can't wait for the new voice acting on Nov. 17, yay! Hope that this will be a trend- the voice acting keeps up with newly released content!
  13. Had this problem too inside rec75 - sorrowful caster in rec75 will not stop lightning strikes after all the balls in the air were tagged.
  14. I get this problem too.Issue is not just leyline, but to all maps for parked characters for all events- the loot table isn't resetting regardless of the server reset, which I think is an issue. I wish ANet would verify that this problem is happening, and make a decision if they might be willing to fix it.
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