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  1. Who said pvp is in a bad place because of no new players? What are u trying achieve being deliberately not smart and adding words to prove a non-existent point? The company doesn't care about this mode, Im trying to make a person think twice on invest their time on a no-future thing. I wish someone said that to me when I lost some time time) while ago.
  2. What class? Also, i do not recommend you play, spvp is in a bad place atm, really forgotten
  3. Any, just practice and learn how to go behind terrain and predict stealth moves so u can hit even without see them
  4. Nah, just kidding, but it could be tru
  5. Anet doesn't care about pvp in general, they even delegated the mode for another company.
  6. You will find some freaks in gw, it always had it. Ranger, Eng, Necro, Rev, now guard with high damage and high sustain. Thats bizarre, you have to trade off, you shouldnt have it both.
  7. Sadly they make some class duelist and some don't, so there is no room for DM. Unless u wanna mode that is populated by 2 or 3 class only.
  8. Is it ur first season? Nothing to do with beta at all
  9. Thiefs Traps are disappearing out of the blue some seconds after u use some skills (1-5, even on shroud)
  10. Deathb costs 5 ini and they have 3 dodges with DRD. You can wait 10sec and kill them or try to land immbos or others soft ccs.
  11. Its bad cause it will put in veterans matches, so you will ruin their match and they will ruin your experience.
  12. Delete thief from game, so u can play properly
  13. Best combat is gw2, sadly company already droped the mode and even delegate job for another company cause they don't care about pvp
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