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  1. What does playing the game mean?ie how many hours per day / week / month / year is defined as playing the game.I play for around 2 hours a month, is that playing the game?
  2. Ive been playing this game since it started and Ive asked repeatedly on this forum can someone actually define in an objective way what challenging content is .Ive never got an answer.GW2 is a game , its not a school classroom where you MUST learn things.Games are designed to provide entertainment for EVERYONE, not just for players who are obsessed with challenging content.Easy content is still fun.
  3. I gave away all the living stories years ago, simply because they arnt fun.Just a mindless keyboard mashing exercise that goes on and on and eventually Ill probably win , but its just a fight of attrition where you slowly wear down some super monster after multiple retries from checkpoints and consuming multiple repair canisters.There seems to be a mindset in this game that all the activities MUST be challenging, whatever that means , but challenging to me means its not fun.
  4. It seems to be really good at targeting mobs like jungle boars or moas, but wont target some badguys standing right in front of you.One of the targeting options like target nearest ally has never worked since the games inception.Its possible that the targeting code was written by someone who is no longer with Anet, so no one knows how to fix it.
  5. MMos are simply to provide fun for players.I log on and play because I have fun doing so.Its makes no differance as to whether Anet is providing weekly updates or saying nothing at all.If the game wasnt fun I wouldnt be playing it.
  6. You do know that its possible to play more than 1 game at once.Lets ask a thorny question.If GW2 introduced a monthly sub and WOW became a FTP game , what would you do???
  7. How is the elevation being measured as there is no requirement for all the maps to have the water level at the same level.The only elevation standard would be sea level which only allows elevation comparisons to be made if those maps have a coastline.For inland maps there is no way to measure elevation as there is no datum for ground level.
  8. The single biggest problem with the game is the players who rush through all the content as fast as they possibly can , and then complain that there is nothing left for them to do , so Anet should churn out new content as fast as the players can keep up, which is simply dreaming.Ive been playing since the game has started and I havnt even finished HOT yet , let alone POF.I wont be ready or need an expansion for years.
  9. To whom is it a good idea?Far too much of these forums is simply Anet should do this or Anet should do that and that whatever they do , it costs them nothing.Programmers time is not free.Explain how Anet pays for the effort to do this , and more importantly what they stop doing in the meantime.
  10. You wont get one simply because that would devalue the existing flying mounts and all the time and effort that the players have put in to making them.
  11. The movement is the biggest problem.This game doesnt have a follow function, so who would control the movement of the passenger player?
  12. ncsoft produces gw2? Wheres my skin tight over revealing heavy bikini armor! Do you actually understand what the producer of a game does?The producer of a game is the Company that provides the capital to allow the game to be made , and that company is NCsoft who are the sole owners of Anet.
  13. Maybe they have no plans for the future, or simply dont know themselves.Why dont you address all your concerns to the CEO of Ncsoft who are the games producer.
  14. Its the Skritt mentality of I just gotta have all the shinies.Doesnt matter how hard they are to make or get, or what they do or dont do , I just gotta have it because its there.And the game companies know this , which is why they keep introducing more and more mega hard to get stuff, just so that the players will want it.Nothing in this game will ever be the ultimate reward, because that then stops the race for more shinies.
  15. Can someone please explain what challenging play is , in terms that are understandable?
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