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  1. huge props for each limb properly curved to the surface. Turtle sounds, looks and feels like the most 'grounded' direct extension of the player offered so far by the Joy of Movement suite. biggest draw has been the fact that engage doesnt dismount you. this mount has immediately become my go to simply because whether or not i waypoint first, this is our first permamount. it kinda feels like everyone at anet was waiting to make this one haha. i have been finding myself in some alien version of subnautica just hanging out in the waters around sandswept isle just begging for pests to act tough.
  2. if this episode is september, then we wont find out any hints to this question until january of 2020 if we are lucky, otherwise later
  3. What makes this occasion different from any of the others? To be clear: I'm not a fan of ANet's marketing or communication choices. It's not how I'd run the company. Then again: if I were in charge, there's a good chance the company would be out of business, because it's easy to second-guess advertising strategies and it's incredibly difficult to build a smoothly-playing game that millions can enjoy for hundreds or thousands of hours. If I only cared enough about the game to spend 10 bucks like once every 6 months, and to log in just to snag something I don't have to pay for, so that I can co
  4. CLARIFY: By not respected I mean by Management and Advertising. You know who NEVER logs in to actually see whats going on? Anyone from Management and Advertising. Know who I see, being friendly, engaging with the community, and making my time in game even more enjoyable? The Devs who actually care about this game in ways other than strictly money. Also, to those saying im not a client. Another example of people who aren't clients but pay to use a service is a sandwhich shop. Say they have this menu that lists all these items, but you can only get like 2 of them on the whole list, and when you
  5. nothing. i play alot, im just hoping more official information comes out to make up for the fact that the 45 minute living world presentation was squeezed into 15 minutes and then supplemented by promotional items, ending in 35 minutes. i just think it should have been 45 minutes of what they repeatedly said it would be, and hope they are willing to talk more about the things they mentioned since that 45 minute presentation didnt really end up happening.
  6. very satisfied with what they did show us, very unsatisfied that they repeatedly advertised a 45 minute living world presentation, and we only got 15 minutes total of living world discussion. that part stung, and then they had to end the stream with merch information that should have been a blog post. the decision to include HoT with path of fire now is an absolutely amazing way to get new players into the game, but again, thats not what they repeatedly advertised this stream would be about. they seemed to think the surprise factor would win above the fact that they failed to deliver what was
  7. What they did end up talking about was great stuff from my perspective, but im not that happy because on top of what is being said here about the expansion level content not being present in like any way, also remember that:people paid for travel and lodging to see a 45 minute living world discussion, not 15 minutes of living world and 20 minutes of advertisements and special expac deals. everything they showed us was really awesome, but once again, how am i supposed to feel waiting all week for a 45 minute living world presentation, to have only 15 minutes spent on what i tuned in for, and th
  8. unless i have no information about their process, she says they just looked at questions in the forums to influence what they decided to talk about, rather than asking the players what they would like to see talked about. What was discussed was great, but people paid for travel and lodging to see a 45 minute living world discussion, not 15 minutes of living world and 20 minutes of advertisements and special expac deals. everything they showed us was really awesome, but once again, how am i supposed to feel waiting all week for a 45 minute living world presentation, to have only 15 minutes spen
  9. Once again, it's up to the amazingly hard working devs who seem to love this game more than management AND advertising, to continue making it amazing, because management AND advertising have failed once again. Anet, the company, needs to start talking. I am not angry with the devs, I am absolutely furious with how management AND advertising has chosen to utilize the hard work of the devs. The devs DO NOT need to explain themselves at all, its management AND advertising that needs the shake up this time.
  10. this was supposed to change with the alliance system, so people on different servers could more easily play together. now we know that we would be lucky to even get it in 2020.
  11. You guys are doing amazing work, that can't be denied by even the saltiest players. It's just a shame that we have to accept this game is going in a much different direction than what I originally bought in 2012. In many ways that's totally fine, but in other ways it just makes me sad. Will the core game ever be re-polished. How did you reason adding invisible walls to core tyria while ignoring the warclaw exploits for the entire summer? How are alliances still not ready to be announced? So many things that hinted at today being for us, but it seems to have been geared toward pulling new playe
  12. "guild wars 2 development will remain unaffected". It doesn't feel that way, it feels like their new, fully focused team is still churning out season 4 sized content, on the same schedule, as if nothing actually changed.... maybe they were telling the truth then. Then they shouldn't have said they had a renewed focus, since it feels about the same.
  13. Q&A means letting players ask you questions, not preemptively selecting easy to answer questions, that's just the A part. You can still do a real, serious, legitimate Q&A if you want, but I don't think you ever wanted to at this point..
  14. the announcement of the announcement of the announcement of the announcement of the.......
  15. Since I know that investors prevent that question from actually being answered in any meaningful way, let me ask you something else. Do your metrics really tell you what, BESIDES THE GEMSTORE, will keep this game alive? Was Rubi Bayer lying when she said during the anniversary stream that Arenanet will even be in business still in 7 years? I mean it feels like this announcement today was advertised to established players, but designed for prospective players. There is so much that the established player base was expecting from an announcement that was repeatedly highlighted to be about Living
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