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  1. Those videos are now fewer and farther between, however, as most of the ones who used to do it no longer are participating in the game with any frequency. Some don't even HAVE videos at this point. Shouldn't have to require a third party, either, to discover how things work. IJS.
  2. The skin itself isn't awful, it's the dye channels that make it a fail. Unfortunately, you can't test these things before purchase.
  3. I'm curious who decided on the Phialslinger Manticore Dye Channels. Those were some, uhm, very interesting choices. You can't even dye the accessories the manticore skyscale is carrying. It just is some ugly greyish color blob. Really hate this skin due to this and disappointed I dropped money on it.
  4. I really really hope you can customize the outside of your home. Otherwise this feels borderline pointless.
  5. Was bringing this up for years in the forum. Not that I'm taking credit, just saying its nice that they popped it in regardless. Water trait might get some love!
  6. He sugar coated a little of the feedback like the storyline but sure. LOL. I'm not really sure the last 'map expansion' in Nayos should even count, honestly. You can't even access it unless you are part of a meta chain.
  7. ******* AWFUL. That's my review for the last part of this storyline. Glad it's over. Plus: We learned what happened to Zojja. ❤️ Con: Nayos. Most everything else.
  8. I'm just going to assume that our new map(s) will include the areas now noted by an '80' in the area, which is north of Bloodstone Fen and far north of Divinity's Reach.
  9. That was my initial thought. If it is Verdant Cascades, though, that's not that far from Drizzlewood. I'm not sure if we need yet another Charr inspired expansion, though, so I hope it isn't based around that.
  10. Listen, GW2 is notoriously bad for the rewards that they dole out for events, but my god this is really not incentive to revisit. Really?
  11. Question - when did the dyes in this go from we selected them ourselves to it being a random selection? I swear I was able to choose in the past.
  12. Maybe they should have paused this event. That JP is painful to complete without some sort of trade off/ acknowledgement, especially LOL.
  13. What? You dont like getting the same Warlord armor pieces EVERY FREAKING WEEK for the past few years? Agreed, there needs to be more to do as well as more to invest currency in.
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