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  1. Why are people discussing about what is the best roaming spec in a zerg support druid thread lol
  2. Ranger had a skill called "Guard!" (right now the skill have a completely different effect) which allowed you to position your pet wherever you wanted (out of a teamfight, for example) but sadly that skill got reworked. Basically, with the years every micro-management and possible updates for pets got ignored in favor of a more simplistic playstyle. By this i mean that at the very beginning ranger wasn't just "the pet class" unable to manage the movements of their pet. Sadly after years this is their position, and if ranger didn't have the Soulbeast spec, it would still be a problem. And
  3. Putting the pet in passive mode (so they just follow you) and swap them at the right time can be useful especially when the fight is on open-field. On the other hand, not every fight is on open field. The first examples that come to my mind are the fights in the middle of stonemist lord room, or inside keeps, towers, or chokes. I challenge you to stay sticked to your commander in those situations (equal organized groups, not your zerg 50+ vs 10 enemies) and make your pets survive for the entire encounter. I bet you will just get your both pets deleted in the first minute. Also i am
  4. As everyone knows, pets are a downgrade in WvW gvg/zerg. No matter how good you position yourself, pets simply can't dodge anything and die to random aoe damage. Also dead pets always follow you and can reveal your team's position to the enemies after a veil . Someone can simply say "Just play soulbeast", and i indeed play it already, but i think both druid and maybe a future elite specialization can offer nice utilities but they simply can't be played at higher levels cause of the pet. My suggestion is simple: allow pets to be perma-stowable in wvw only and allow them to be stowed also w
  5. Honestly, i don't know. The warhorn #5 change is quite interesting, since both axe/warhorn, sword/warhorn or dagger/warhorn lacks cc's. On the other hand, losing unblockable pet's attacks like the Tiger Pounce, Jacaranda roots, or Drake tail swipe, just to gain 1 sec daze and some weakness (ranger already have a lot of daze and weakness application)...i mean, it can be good for interrupts, but in some matchups having a source of unblockable is useful, especially when running an offensive traitline like Marksmanship. On the Clarion Bond trait, MAYBE i prefer the unblockable as it is now, b
  6. I already run that build in gvg's, sadly it's good only in coordinated play, in general rangers gets kicked out of wvw squads no matter how you try to be useful. The class just needs a "meta" build.Thanks anyway :)
  7. This is my opinion. I think Immobbeast is better in organized gvg's and small fights because you can coordinate your immobilize skills with bubbles and wells, preventing your enemies from running away during the bomb. This is the role basically. I also think this "role" kinda becomes less and less effective when playing in biggest groups, especially pug ones, because:1- Generally commanders will put you in a party without any kind of support and eventually kick you if the squad is full and meta classes are needed;2- Your team support is lackluster. Bear stance duration on allies is 2 seconds (
  8. Mine is to have a REAL competitive build - after 8 years - for wvw zerg fights with my ranger without getting kicked from the squad or blamed for not bringing a meta class :)Of course i also have firebrand, spellbreaker, scourge and scrapper but ranger was always my favourite class and i would really love to be considered useful with it and on par with other meta classes. I really hope the next expansion will bring something truly useful in this regard :) And you? What is your personal wish for 2021? Merry Christmas everyone :)
  9. It really depends on WHICH ABILITIES they might buff. Of course if they improve self sustain/stealth/disengage druid can be very difficult to kill, but listen. If anet miraculously decides to buff AoE druid support abilities (like glyphs, or commands, AoE support traits, "support" pets, etc...) instead of selfish ones druid will be more incentivized to play a team-support oriented build rather than a selfish build. AoE support skills and traits take slots, so druid will not be able at being supportive and being unkillable /able to duel at the same time. "Sic em" on soulbeast is a good example:
  10. I appreciated your post, although i disagree on few points. First, it's not true that druid can't be viable without Druidic Clarity and Celestial Shadow. Yes, right now those traits are almost mandatory. A lot of us always played druid with those 2 traits on a side-node bunker build FOR YEARS. But i'll tell you this. I've tried a lot of traits/utilities combination and my current teamfight-orientated support build don't use neither of those traits. Of course you need a team builded around it. Also, your suggestions to make druid more DPS orientated will end up by gaining another sidenoder with
  11. Every spec can climb to platinum, also i never said that druid is unviable. I have said that the spec is not good at supporting, which is a fact, and i mean, supporting is what the spec is designed for (Dev Irenio said that, not me). Also, the goal of my post is not trying to have a build that carry pugs in solo/duoq matches by supporting them. I want a viable support build that can be paired with tempest or fb when playing with a comp designed around it.Also, i don't think spirits will ever be usable competitively. They are just like warrior banners with decreasing health and long casts. Not
  12. This will not solve any of the druid issues. Also support firebrand is not used much right now, i've seen more tempest and symbolbrands than supp firebrands honestly.
  13. No one said that druid should be unkillable. I'm asking about being A VIABLE SUPPORT, which means better group utilities. I've never mentioned perma resistance or perma boons. Also I've played druid since HoT beta and i'm sure on what i'm talking about, THERE IS NO SECRET GOOD SUPPORT BUILD TO DISCOVER. Even when druid was considered meta, it was a side-node bunker with some healing and group utilities (fast rez, aoe stealth). It was never considered a group support, Tempest was. Weren't elite specialization meant to give us new playstyles, new roles? Ranger only have side-node or +1 builds
  14. I mean, Firebrand and Tempest are better support than druid IN EVERY ASPECT. I'm asking too much when i say that druid should atleast be considered on-pair with these supports? 1) Just get rid of that 20% pet stats nerf and REMOVE the pet completely. Pets have ZERO interactions with Celestial Avatar and die way too fast in teamfights. This is why druid will never be a real support. Also the fact that the druid is able to do some damage through pets while running basically non-damage traits or amulets always led the spec to many nerfs over and over. JUST. REMOVE. THE. PETS. Replace them with so
  15. What about: all those weapon skills that affect pets attacks like Winter's Bite, Maul, Call of the Wild, etc;all those skills like "Guard!", "Search and Rescue", "Sic em", Signet of Renewal, etc;all those traits like "Fortifying Bond", all the minors in the Beastmastery traitline, "Natural Healing", etc;the #3 skill in downed state.I really like your concept but i think it kinda misses a lot of the interactions with the core class, which can be problematic for an hypothetical rework of the spec. In my opinion "Spirit pets" can be the solution. You will still have your pet (maybe just with a tr
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