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  1. After 4th beta: I still don't see any specific role tied to the Untamed. What is good at? Teleports and damage? Revenant and thief are still better because they also provide group buffs or stealth. Boonrip? Necro and warrior are definitely better. Crowd Control? Even druid is better at cc locking. Honestly, the gameplay feels better after the changes, but i don't see this spec playing at any high level content. My suggestions: - Untamed needs an unique and specific buff, maybe something like "After you disable an enemy, that enemy can't gain b
  2. They still forgot about the Stow pet option, which is very important, especially in wvw. Having your pet revealed while you and your group are stealth-pushing will reveal your position. Other than this, nice changes, but Untamed is still missing a defined role in end game content.
  3. A lot of specs change their playstyle entirely by choosing a GM trait. Your thoughts are right, but I think we have enough damage modifier traits with core traitlines and soulbeast. Honestly, Untamed doesn't need damage modifiers, since its not even his role. It needs defense stats modifiers, and maybe cc/expertise duration modifiers. So i would just rework the Damage% trait. Also this problem is only with the hammer.
  4. - Having a totem/spirit being able to teleport do anemies and inflict poison, rip boons, and pulsing aoe poison destroying projectiles is still better than having a dead pet running around with you. I'm not saying it would be meta, but it will be a good starting point. - I think it would get the same treatment as a scourge's shade. You can see them on the battlefield, but they can't be targeted or anything, can't get boons, etc. - My cantrip heal would be used in wvw. There are plenty of ideas in this subforum about other cantrip skills.
  5. As everyone knows, ranger has always been the worst teamfight class, purely because their main mechanic (1) doesn't bring enough group utilities (2) die too fast. After 8+ years, Anet still didn't fix this. Seems like they want ranger to be played ONLY as a sidenode dueler or a roaming/gvg class, which is a shame, since a lot of us like to play with other players/friends, synergizing with them, but WE CAN'T. Now, we got Untamed, which got described by Anet as a teamfight oriented/bruiser/frontliner. Untamed in its current state is not a teamfighter (no group utilities, only se
  6. After testing it, i think i will just leave the ranger class. This spec is complete garbage. From the weapon to the utilities, from the unleash mechanic to the traits, EVERYTHING is terrible and i feel useless playing it. Untamed is not a bruiser, nor a teamfighter, nor a frontliner. It completely lacks the tools to deal with it. There is no reasons to put cc on the hammer kit while the pet is unleashed, because unleashed pets DO NO DAMAGE AT ALL. There is no reasons to play this class as a teamfighter o a frontliner, since pets DIE IN THE FIRST 2 SECONDS and bring no group util
  7. You really think few seconds endure pain on a bear or some crappy non-istant heals are enough to make pets viable in a zerg fight? You will be disappointed very fast....
  8. Anet keep saying "You can go frontline with this and bla bla bla" but HOW we can go frontline with a pet that dies in the first 2 seconds because it can't dodge anything? There is NO WAY pets can be useful in their current state in zerg fights, even with the Unleash form. I expected some skills or traits that could make the pet invulnerable for brief periods of time, or the ability to revive them, but nope. People will be seriously disappointed when they will realized that this spec can't be used properly in blob fights. MY SUGGESTIONS: - The new healing skill shou
  9. Final results: 70% of unhappy rangers, what a shame Anet 🙁
  10. Performance wise, yes, catalyst definitely needs more work! I just wrote that title because conceptually his role would have been great for the ranger (fields, aoes, boons, etc) 😉
  11. AoE Melee Damage, "Spirit Animal"-Like AoE abilities. I wonder what ranger will get at this point.
  12. https://imgur.com/a/Q88Q31G This icon is almost certainly the representation of the new ranger specialization. The picture clearly shows the head of an animal - seems like some kind of Felyne - and also the "leafy" drawing style is typical of the ranger class. Looking at the icon, in my opinion this spec will be pet-focused - unlinke other ranger specialization. Druid got a celestial form, and the pet mechanic basically got untouched. Soulbeast can merge with the pet, but nothing on the spec changes how pets work. So I think this will be the time when the mechanics of the cla
  13. I think Anet's ideas are increasingly being directed towards favoring the gvg aspect, which is good. Problem is, the ranger class is poorly welcommed in this type of content. Differences between ranger and the meta classes will be even more emphasized. I think every player's biggest fear is being forced to play another class because its main class is not up to par with the others in high end-game content.
  14. I personally disagree with this statement. WS is MANDATORY on any competitive pvp build (check ranger/druid/slb pvp builds, they ALL play with WS) because it's the only line that grants re-sustain. Without prot uptime ranger will be basically deleted from the competitive scene (where it already has low impact since it's not even meta) and will be forced to play meme pewpew oneshots builds even more. Dolyak Stance is fine as it is. Stability is not a guardian exclusive, in fact, also engies can grant aoe stab. Having stability "backup" classes is not wrong. Dolyak Stance also grants
  15. Poll and discussion about the state of ranger and class presence in the current meta (PvE/PvP/WvW)
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