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  1. What part of it is false? Why is 2 weeks after a new expansion launch on a weekend, maps are empty? Almost daily posts about empty ghost towns and failed metas ruining the new player experience. So, enjoying the game means the blatant failure does not exist? That's a dangerous thought process my friend, not just here but in life.
  2. Lots. Many discussions in game in fact. Were you under a rock during the LFG boycots saying "this meta sucks"? How about the "dead maps, please someone join"
  3. Got proof? In game map chats, guild chats, squad chats, tell a different story. Would love to know where you got that "anyone who is not in the forums and in the game are enjoying the game" rhetoric from. That's just a lazy cop out of an excuse used excessively here. Most people I know in game can't be bothered with forums, some never even logged in to forums once. They sure as hell aren't happy or content with EoD.
  4. Having starter gear from 2012 and 1-2-3 weapon rotation doesn't work in 2022 :))
  5. Same points apply to HoT and PoF releases as well. Why did we have almost a hundred players on starting quest npcs in HoT and PoF then? If all of these points were true, HoT and PoF would have been just like EoD, a ghost town. Don't cover up low population with excuses, it doesn't work. Hard to believe some people go to such great lenghts to deny low player counts and popularity and come up with hundred reasons why it's empty :))
  6. Here is a new player's comment from somewhere else word for word: Regardless of the cause, is that really a good look for a new expansion to be empty end deserted right after launch? Never had this problem with HoT or PoF. Map shards can't be the only problem, it's clear how tiny the EoD population is compared to before. Guess this should raise awareness on implementing gimmicks as new game mechanics instead of gliding, raids, a new class, mounts and how it affects the game's popularity.
  7. Low population. Hardly anybody bought EoD. In my guilds, 3 very big ones and 2 medium ones, maybe 5 out 100 people are in EoD maps, doing random stuff. There is no EoD related chat or discussions in the guilds. I'm guessing it's very low on popularity and it shows.
  8. That's just reddit hun, the one place notorious for banning/removing critical posts :) Still waiting for an answer, where is the "everywhere else other than these forums people are enjoying this game" coming from? I mean this is the offical place for discussion, it's a huge leap of faith to dismiss the actual real discussions as false and instead believe in a fantasy that "people are so happy in the game" even ignoring the in game map chats, squad chats, guild chats, LFG boycotts. If that's your idea of happy players then rip... That is bound to happen when the mods
  9. Today. Yes, really. Every day topics like "omg anet EOD is the best thing evah" pop up, completely oblivious to how horribly this dlc pack has been received. Proof that "everywhere else other than these forums are enjoying this game" which is straight up false. There were even LFG listings in game with titles such as "DE sucks" boycotting the game. Were you asleep? Wrong. Because the map capacity is very limited, it gets full way faster than non EoD maps. Which makes the already badly designed meta even harder to complete because of all the randoms
  10. I don't play EoD. I'm just informing potential players what they're getting into. Don't listen to apologists, enough said. "If you don't like it, leave" is another copium argument that made so many mmos fail, it's funny you don't even realize the damage you're causing to your already struggling game.
  11. Got proof for that? I noticed especially in game squad and map chats that people don't like EoD. Most groups in LFG fail to fill because of low population. Don't know where you got that "everywhere else people are happy" from. GW2 subreddit is notorious for being a safe heaven for fanboys, mods there delete and ban everything that is even slightly not pro GW2 so not surprising it looks like people are enjoying the game over there. I mean by all means go ahead and preach "don't listen to negative feedback, they are minority" argument, it didn't work out so well for other
  12. Did you miss the memo with 4 beta tests and lots of livestreams revealing the disappointing maps and features? It doesn't take an experienced player more than 10 minutes to recognize low quality. We've tried to warn everybody months ago but those comments were buried/deleted by other comments like "They still have 6 months to develop, they still have 3 months, they still have 2 weeks, everything will be different you'll see!" In hindsight, all this without even knowing about the day one boon and survivability nerf and the empty maps, failing metas etc. made all of this that much funnier :)
  13. Fishing and skiffs are just useless gimmicks, horribly implemented like the jade bots. Echovald and other maps are filled with lazy designs with nothing but old assets. Hardly anyone in the maps, events and metas failing regularly because of low population and low interest. Idk man, you sound kinda new. If the new "expansion" is nothing but a sub-par dlc pack sold at full price, it's silly not to skip.
  14. I mean you ran off from that thread without explaining yourself, which makes me believe you didn't have an argument and just wanted to "win" and prove that EoD is popular, which isn't. Anywho, what part of it was "spreading misinformation" again? I've never seen an mmo launch which had empty maps from the get go, low lfg activity an overall low satisfaction from those who bought it. Many players have expressed they have uninstalled after finishing the EoD story so technically their answer to this poll is a "yes" but is it really? It's pretty much dead as far as deli
  15. 1. They put a lot of effort into the single player version of the game such as map design, story, voice acting, music but still fell short in that regard. Maps are empty not only from players but there are not enough events, npcs or overall alive feeling in the maps. Other posters have already mentioned the low effort graphical designs of the cities such as copy pasting the same assets on top of each other, not fixing clipping issues etc. A lot of the monster types and environmental designs are copy pasted from HoT. Skiffs are just a gimmick, still can't believe fishing and skiffs were th
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