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  1. ....Why is this even a discussion though? If cele was the best. The best would use it. For everything. It isn't, so why in PvE does this warrant ire? Like WvW cele is a massive problem ( PvP rules in WvW when?) but PvE?
  2. Basically. We got nerfed because a boon that should have been chrono exclusive was given to everyone else.
  3. IIRC the sword was also nerfed because it was triggering the " on distortion" traits. You know Anet can't let mesmer have synergy. That's not allowed
  4. Truly breathtaking and profound notes. Thank you Anet
  5. AYOO, but why you acting like a separatist though? 🤣
  6. Guardians are the " Holy paladin" or " Priest" class so this tracks....
  7. I'm gonna be honest. It's never conducive to ask for nerfs when you haven't even touched the class. I think most people are tired of knee jerk changes when they happen because of people who have never touched the class commenting on what needs to be changed. (Usually done because they no longer want to struggle against the class or something usually along those lines ). Please play the classes you have trouble with before coming into a class specific forum and telling others what the problem is. Or ask for help instead of demanding things become easier for you.
  8. I would highly advise you play willbender for a few months, roam solo, fight everyone and everything. You're going to learn a lot more that way vs looking on meta battles and cherry picked YouTube clips. The class doesn't have more or less invulns than any other, and a few classes actually got teleporting skills. The main reason I think people are crying so much for a nerf SPECIFICALLY for guardian is because it got nikes. And them air forces is black. No one wants to accept a class that used to have limited movement, now has the ability to run away from unwanted engagements. You guys are going to have to accept that. Same way you had to accept it when warrior put on their Nikes.
  9. See this is where I am confused because it has about the same as other classes. We can actually count the amount of invulns and blocks on one hand. Even adding evades that still is one hand. 1. Renewed Focus 2. Virtue of Courage- one aegis- 3. Shelter. Those are blocks used in the roaming build people complain about. 4. If we add the Evades Flowing resolve. In comparison to a popular thief roaming build S/D 1. Roll for Initiative 2. Flanking Strike 3. Dagger storm 4. Withdraw. -If using daredevil has the option to use Bandits Defense- This class has the option to go into stealth. In comparison to my mesmer roamer 1. Echo of Memory 1a. Deja Vue 2. Distortion 3. Blurred Frenzy This class has the option to stealth AND cause detarget. Warrior- 1. Full Counter 2. Whirlwind Attack 3. Bulls Charge 4. Shield Stance - If adding rampage- takes 50% less damage with pulsing stability and swiftness- -If on bladesworn - 1. Triggerguard 2. Cyclone Trigger . ..So what is really the issue...The options in comparison to other meta roaming builds is around the same.
  10. A block is not the same as an invuln. If we are playing that game then Warrior, Mesmer, and Ranger would be included in that conversation. So lets not call a Joker a Spade.
  11. Rev Shortbow 2 and 5 both can be shot behind the rev. While the rev is moving. You don't care about equivalency. You either want nerfs to Guardian or buffs to shortbow to bring it over the top. At least be honest about it.
  12. I'm predicting that the professions that are going to have the best announcement reaction is going to be Guardians, Mesmer's, Necromancers, then rangers. Everyone else is prolly gonna complain, and I get it. Like if you look at the Ele video you can tell they were probably the class that had the least amount of effort put into the weapon and trailer. The character was wearing the blandest outfit. The draw animation was trash. They used what looked like a base model pistol. 🤣 . On topic of the guardian. I am in the wait and see camp. Test before it gets an approval or disapproval. Anet is finicky and they are bound to honestly make a last minute change that will make the weapon either severely underperform, or it comes out and overperforms so much they nerf every other espec and core traitline to compensate .
  13. I cant really speak to the most recent events but, Torch was meta when mirage was first introduced on both Power and condi builds in WvW and pvp, mainly for the stealth burst for power and the added burning for the condi builds. x/torch was a very common pairing on mirage . ( until anet nerfed it below the ground and used it as fertilizer. yes i am still bitter)
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