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  1. This is exactly why i haven't purchased. And i was looking to buy the 79.99 version just to support but this is why im not going to any more now.
  2. I want to buy expansion but don't see a release date. Does anyone know if it will be delayed again? Or was it stated some where and i missed it?
  3. Please no.... no one wants to see someone role playing half way across the map. The chats are as good as they should be lol...
  4. What i can say is play thief to learn how it works. The initive costs and when they can and can't dodge. If you understand how the class works, you can understand it's weakness. Thief mainly uses Shadow arts now since Deadly arts and dps in general was nerfed altogether due to the February 2020 patch. So they have been forced to run these "kite" and stealth abuse builds as a result of that. A hard counter would be to run Spellbreaker with mage bane tether or constant reveals with "Sight beyond sight" or "On My Mark". It all depends on your play style too and what weapons you run. Not everythin
  5. What i find funny is that Unyielding Dragon on Bladesworn makes your Dragon Trigger skills do Stuns, but also increases in damage and stun duration for the amount of flow you have. You cant tell me that isn't inconsistent with the "No damage on CC" crap they added.
  6. you're forgetting both of those skills can be considered ranged skills too. so you're at a disadvantage if you can't close the gap fast enough. Plus Lightning Rod is literally instant cast you can't really counter it and the player using it can hit you when they're not facing you as well, they can kite you while they run away from you with super speed.
  7. it only crits because Anet is too lazy to find out that they have so many similar skills . so instead of actually looking into the skills they decide to nerf everything. It's the reason why meta's exist because people find all the stuff they didn't nerf and just end up playing that until it does. Like Nade engi or One wolf pack Rapid fire (ranger). Once they nerf that , then players going be forced to find something else that wasn't nerfed and abuse that.
  8. too bad hammer is virtually useless in every scenario outside of zerg support / or capture point bunker builds. It's too slow, it only has 1 good damage skill and the auto attacks hit weaker than dagger.
  9. If anything they should've just made CC do non crits instead of 6-8 damage and 12-15 on crit... I think it was the stupidest move ever in Online gaming balance.
  10. You telling me you dont like when it says remove stab but it only removes stab on the user? Its 10000 I.Q move.
  11. ????? Your first time playing online games? Why does this post even exist lol. I'm so lost.... Do you not understand the nature of humans?
  12. Yea I agree , i don't really want the Siege turtle to be more useful than the current sieges. Which is why i think they should at least consider revamping Siege Golem as well.
  13. I know a lot of people may disagree with me on this, but hear me out. I don't usually go on big rants on the forums so i'll try to keep it simple. After playing the siege turtle and how fun it is. I think this is the PERFECT opportunity to at least consider adding it to WvW. Not many people were excited by the Warclaw, you could tell when they showed the trailer for it and you could see the like and dislike ratio for it on YouTube (before YouTube removed dislikes). It was really bad and i believe still kinda is. The reason being, the mount doesn't really fit, it's too fast and sometimes jus
  14. yea im hoping this is not how its going to be , making it mandatory to have two people to use all the skills. I think its silly. It should be, you CAN play with friends but dont have to. Also need a function to forcibly remove someone from mount like an eject button lol without having to dismount.
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