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  1. Anyone seen the next one? Im assuming it's going in order of expansions so, Modremoth would be likely. We was promised some teasers before the actual release (although i've already seen all of them via discord).
  2. When's the next Balance patch, this ain't it. What was the plan again? Every semester or something? Or ya'll going lie and go back to 1 patch every year?
  3. The thing that upsets me about turtle mount is that it doesn't do anything special.. I unlocked all the upgrades but they're only for passenger seat only? What? So not only can i not use the cannons... i cant even use the other skills that i unlocked ? I'm better off using skyscale. Turtle mount IS useless.
  4. literally the first 5 words in this post. I don't understand your reason for sarcasm? Don't you have anything better to do?
  5. I understand its an MMO and you play with other people yada yada, but there's also a lot of people like playing alone. I really dislike not being able to shoot the cannons on the turtle and requiring someone else to be in it. What if that person just trolls my turtle and shoots random stuff instead of actually helping? It doesn't make sense to me. Logically it doesn't make sense, you have a full control panel but can't shoot bullets? but the other side of the saddle can? And that's its only function? I think if you're by yourself in the turtle you should at least be able to shoot the bullets on your own, maybe decrease the ammo or what ever the logic behind not allowing the player to shoot it, is for.
  6. Update: swapped toons and beat event with 10 people. still did not work. Logged out to the desktop and logged back in still didn't work. They need to fix this because this literally the last part and i cannot get the achievement at all... and i've done this event like 3 times now... it keeps giving me achievements for everything else except for the Luxon Tools...
  7. Yea i played it on the class i started the collection on. I will try using a different toon this time. See if that's a work around.
  8. Thats def not a bug thats subliminal marketing. They want you to click on it to buy something.
  9. Luxon tools will not drop, even after meta is completed. Maw scales terribly if more than 10 people are there and becomes impossible to complete or too difficult because the crystals still hit 5000 per throw but the health pool for the boss increases too much.
  10. Necro Death shroud still has like 90% damage reduction (obviously I'm exaggerating) But life steal was the issue? Ok balance team.
  11. What does this mean and when can we view the Balance changes ?
  12. Can we get some Jade Tech Golems / Siege in WvW? Just for funsies. Since they said they MIGHT consider Siege golem
  13. That's how all the betas have been, like how rev didnt have a weapon / legend swap. and then when it released rev autos were hitting 5-6k crits and CoR was hitting 10k and would hit twice.
  14. they cant do race change because it ties to your Core game story and the options you chose .
  15. Make all EoD elite specs over powered and over tuned forcing veteran players and new players to buy the expansion so they can keep up competitively (PvP / WvW). You guys have done this since HoT. Please properly balance the game since you haven't mentioned a release date yet. Take your time for the love of god.
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