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  1. As someone who does daily events and tags up using my mentor tag. I can empirically say, mounts only get you faster to events on this instance. It isn't mounts, it's actually players zerging down event(s), I do the minimal to get credit i.e hit the mob once or twice, or kill 1 mob to ensure I get credit for that event. Players on the other hand kill everything insight, they zerg down mobs a lot quicker. If I get to an event, I have to be quick just to even get a hit on a mob, so I don't miss out and leave enough health on a mob so someone else can get credit too.
  2. As someone who only used arc dps once. It's a cool thing to have, however it's weird for folks to ask for anet to develop their own, when they already have one: combat log. Granted it isn't the best and it's awful to use, however they can improve or expand on it further. Have the option to just measure your own dps, like how arc presents it. To toggle it on and off, just use the tick boxes like you already do currently with any other function with the chat box. Arc reads the info off the client, for anet to implement this in to the combat log shouldn't be too much of an ask. Just
  3. Going to sound weird. I think people should stop responding to this thread, run its course. Importantly, the OP response to the most on page 1 responding to this thread is telling. The very last paragraph says it loud and clear; he/she moved on. He/she said, FFXIV and SWTOR give more for less for their money. I imagine they logged out, (maybe laughed at the responses) and not look back.
  4. I do think they should include season 2, 3 and 4 with the expansions. It's an issue that has been brought up quite a few times regarding new and returning players with the story. Sufficient time has passed enough to do so. Going forwards, they should address how new story content will be handled. As for the OP addressing those that took the time to log in and play the game as fanboys.... you clearly didn't miss this game then. You clearly won't now.
  5. If I remember correctly, it's better to be instanced. The original version had the entire lornar's pass map getting wiped if it failed. Which annoyed some that weren't interested doing it at the time.
  6. Took me years to finally get quip - pretty much stopped working on HOPE. Most of my chars are exotic/ascended jail.
  7. My set up for my toons is to have at least: 1x18 oiled bag, 1x18 invisible bag (pushing it up to 20), if possible 1x18 crafting bag (also pushing it to 20). These types of posts, I find quite fascinating. It always fascinates me how different people play and how they use their bags to get most out of the game.
  8. It isn't that bad. Just requires memory muscle.
  9. I second this motion of removing followers from friends list. Carrying dead weights on your friend/followers list isn't fun. Over the years I've picked up people that haven't touched the game in years, if they do return, I personally had to mail them if they could remove me. Some do willingly, others had to due to being blocked and some just flat out refused. The ones that refused, here's the thing, they've been gone from the game for years. Had no to little contact or even played with. So yeah, clean out of friends/followers list is something I would like to see.
  10. Just going to pitch in here. As some said, revisiting some of the pof maps is actually pretty fun. I did some hearts which I never bothered with, not only did I get xp but some new mini's as well and getting some pof masteries and achievements. The key for the skimmer new ability is whacking out some buffs, like guild hall exp buff, food, utilities, banners. Heck, even use that 20% exp enrichment, to really maximize it. Then pick whichever map you want to spend time one, to really speed up on getting exp, dragon fall map is a very good one, constant events going.
  11. Balthy outfit. Bought it, then almost regretted it.
  12. You can filter loot, however many don't bother with it. You can filter junk loot by using oiled bags. They always take junk items first. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bag
  13. For starters have an idea as to what type of guild you want: PvE, Raids, WvW or an all-rounder PvX (to do wvw, they must be on the same server). Specify what region you're on NA or EU. This will attract the players you want from that region. Next, what is your guild all about (this will be important for later). Your guild could be based on common interest, hobbies etc, this will help to find similar minded players, and it will make it stand out from other guilds. If you aren't building a guild with a common interest, then ask yourself. What will make your guild stand out from the other guilds
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