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  1. Hey fellow Guild Wars 2 players, I've been a loyal fan of this game since its launch, and I've weathered my fair share of changes and updates. However, the recent nerfs to the Berserker Warrior have pushed me over the edge, and I've decided to uninstall Guild Wars 2. I wanted to share my thoughts on this matter, especially since it feels like history is repeating itself. Remember when Anet nerfed the three spins of the Berserker Warrior a while back? Many of us were disappointed, but we adapted. However, it now seems like Anet has essentially done the same thing again, but in a different way, and this time, it's the last straw for me. The Berserker Warrior was known for its powerful, visceral playstyle, and it was a blast to unleash those devastating spins in combat. Those spins weren't overpowered, they were just part of what made the class so enjoyable. But with the recent nerfs, it feels like Anet has taken away the core identity of the class. I understand the need for balance in an MMO, but the Berserker Warrior nerfs go beyond balance and seem like an attempt to homogenize classes. It's disheartening to see a unique and fun playstyle get watered down to fit into a one-size-fits-all mold. I've been willing to give ArenaNet the benefit of the doubt in the past, but this time, it feels like they're not listening to the community's feedback. Many players have expressed their concerns and frustration, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. Guild Wars 2 has been a big part of my gaming life, and I've made countless memories in this beautiful world. However, with the Berserker Warrior nerfs being the final straw, I've decided to move on to other games that respect their player base and don't make sweeping changes without considering the consequences. I hope that Anet takes the feedback from the community seriously and reevaluates these changes. Until then, I'll be exploring new adventures in different gaming worlds. Farewell, Tyria... I guess I really was never a condition.
  2. In Guild Wars 2, one question has persistently boggled my mind: why does the utterly worthless aquabreather slot continue to linger in the game? Is there more to this seemingly futile feature than meets the eye, or is it simply a ticking time bomb that could potentially cripple the game's code if tampered with? Let's delve into the perplexing enigma of the aquabreather slot's worthlessness and its potential impact on the game's integrity. First and foremost, it's crucial to emphasize that the aquabreather has, for years, served no practical purpose whatsoever, the presence of such a redundant item is puzzling, to say the least. Despite player suggestions over the years, ArenaNet has obstinately refused to purge this digital dead weight from the game. This brings us to a disturbing possibility: could the aquabreather slot be a trojan horse hiding within Guild Wars 2's intricate code? Is it possible that this seemingly harmless slot is, in reality, a linchpin holding the game together in some obscure, inexplicable way? One cannot help but speculate that removing such a seemingly insignificant element could lead to a catastrophic chain reaction, causing unforeseeable glitches, crashes, or even a complete collapse of the game's functionality. Consider the "complex"(spaghetti) architecture of Guild Wars 2, a game that has evolved over the years with countless updates and additions. The aquabreather, a relic from its inception, could be entangled in the very fabric of the game's code. The thought of removing it is akin to pulling a Jenga piece from the tower and hoping the structure remains intact. Moreover, ArenaNet's continued reluctance to address the aquabreather slot raises eyebrows. Could it be that they are well aware of the potential repercussions and are intentionally avoiding what could be a cataclysmic mistake? Or perhaps, hidden beneath the veneer of worthlessness, there is a deeper, hidden purpose for the slot that players are yet to discover... I don't think so. In conclusion, the aquabreather slot's complete worthlessness is undebatable. However, the fear that its removal could break the game's code beyond repair is a lingering specter in the minds of the developers. Guild Wars 2, with its complex history and unhinged systems, is a game of layers, and the aquabreather slot, despite its apparent redundancy, may be a layer that is best left untouched to preserve the game's delicate balance...
  3. "I did it this way so you can/should do it this way too" is survivorship bias though and that is ultimately what the argument against the new skyscale acquisition method is about no matter how people wanna dress it up as. They think because they were willing to put up through the tedious nonsense that was the skyscale collection and see other people with the skyscale that others should also go through the old method because of their weird sense of accomplishment and exclusivity while not taking into account the many more people who gave up on getting the skyscale or even quit the game. People against this change actually want the game to stay worse than it could be just to make themselves feel better. You see the same thing a lot with people who legally immigrate to the US when compared to those who illegally immigrate, they tend to say a lot of the same things.
  4. Only reason I can think of them never getting rid of breathers is that there is some serious spaghetti code with it that will break the game even harder to the point of unplayability if they do lmao
  5. People have a really cringe sense of accomplishment when it comes to the skyscale for how tedious the collection was to do (It was even worse pre-nerf when I did it) and they have some really awful survivorship bias with the skyscale.
  6. Alt accounts are harder pay to win than buying gold because the accounts pay for themselves after only a few months if you buy on sale and then generate pure profit. That being said I don't know if they actually are changing them but they should.
  7. Good thing I never implied that gw2 would survive indefinitely either then.
  8. Devs should never listen to players who want things to stay stagnant and never change, literally the worse type of MMO player.
  9. It's so wild to me that people are mad about an objectively good change because of some false sense of achievement/accomplishment and would rather the game stay worse just to maintain it for themselves, it's the most cringe example of survivorship bias I've probably ever witnessed. Also your effort in doing the old collection is rewarded with bonuses that players who only do the new way don't get.
  10. Guild Wars 3 is delusion, it's hard cope, it's not going to happen.
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