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  1. and you think it's OK to match a very efficient group with "horribly inefficient" one and it's supposed to make a good playing exprience for either of them? Also, considering the enemy zergs are generally noticeably bigger in sheer numbers, and they still have people to camp the small checkpoints while we have queues, I'm not entirely convinced the problem isn't with number mismatch to start with. or you believe that I (or any other person at my server) can suddenly take those 50+ people and magically make them "more efficient"? I've seen a number of same commanders who I normally play with in true wvw and somehow they manage to be good there but are failing quite miserably now. Right, must be them losing the skill due to the beta.
  2. So I got some progress on the PvP rush. 3 daily achievements, 1 worth 5 points, 2 worth 5 points, 3 worth 10 points... Funny enough, my total for the rush is 10 points. Or it's taking max instead of sum to make sure the high-end prizes are unabtainable?
  3. The experience from the several past rounds of wvw is quite similar - one server has about twice the power as the other 2 in prime time, otherwise they are "simply top" - as in they don't camp every single checkpoint killing everyone they see and it's possible to do at least something. But I'm really curious how the population of those "prime" servers is decided and what do you need to do to end up on on of them.
  4. why "no living world"? sounds more like "now your living world will be called expansions and will cost moneyz" to me
  5. considering in this matchup pretty much every group has one team that is double the size of the 2 others and keeps dominance 100% of the time, the beta is clearly trying to check how patient people are and if they are going to take this.
  6. every single evening when I'm playing pvp at least half matches will have a revenant who never moves from the starting point and just self-inflicts damage to get "participation" and bring negative points to their team. These are the same people for days and weeks despite the fact multiple players report them over and over - so they are quite clearly allowed to do this by Anet. I tried asking support what do I need to do to get into the team of Anet buddies who play easy mode 5:4, but they sent me to the forums with this question. So: what do I need to do to get into the admin buddies easy pvp team?
  7. um.... so let me get this right. you are basically asking people to stop accepting anyone without 250+ kp into raids? i hate to tell you this, but raids and cm strikes are endgame content, and they require at least minimal knowledge of your class, and you are basically telling anet it should force people to carry all those 4k dragonhunters and other "i am playing for fun so i don't care about learning my class" people through said content.
  8. you mean you can only betray someone once? now interesting approach..... and as much as people are indeed overreacting, this is quite clearly one of the things that shows how much care Anet has for their playerbase: 0.
  9. ....did those awesome sales and freebies happen in some 5ms timeframe while I was not online? All the gemstore has to offer are fairly useless "steam welcome" packs, mount skin is indeed there, but 1600 gems seems tad expensive for a "freebie" and the only "gift" I seen was teleport to friend (thanks, have the gemstore permanent one) and the fact the starting zone achivements were retired without a word of warning.
  10. well, i wasn't playing much and loaded straight into raid after this was implemented. All the "ohhh, you dodged!" popping up mid cm fight were..... annoying like hell to say the least
  11. Well, you see, we simply do not agree that a person with insufficient skills/improper build/gear should be able to solo faceroll any and all content just because they wish so. Because the problem is not "you and this boss", the problem is you have the wrong build/gear for pve and that's why things are not working. So ANET (and ours) expectation is you adjust the stuff you got wrong, and not they tune everything down to your level.
  12. let me get this straight: when exactly was that content new? a month ago or 3 days ago? that's my personal experience, and I'm quite sure if I go there now I will see plenty of people again.
  13. yeah, funny how there's 10+ people who say same as I do and 0 who have experienced same as you. But apparently that's only because we're toxic?
  14. Yes. And I also have done this personally a month ago and found it a non-issue. What's more, I've been to DM 3 days ago to finish a fishing collection and there was plenty of people around - so I'm simply finding your words hard to believe, sorry. So far what we have here is you: I can't kill a boss! us: ask for help or sort a proper build, this is perfectly soloable you: you're all toxic, ANET should just make content faceroll because I can't do it as I stand!
  15. um, out of all examples you chose a very poor one. tons of people are doing DM for the legendary collection each day. I finished it a month ago and I've done all without a slightest problem, and I've also done the hearts with all my alts including the ones I don't normally play without a problem - and I have quite literally 1 of each class. oh, yes, and i did solo a bunch of those champs with the classes I can play. hint: have you tried simply writing in /map that you need help? usually that is enough
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