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  1. It's "up to 72 hours." You might get the gems faster than that. I bought the ultimate edition of PoF on release day for a friend and he told me he had already gotten the gems. That was maybe 2h after he applied the code. YMMV.
  2. First of all, I want to begin by saying that the new feature is a nice QoL touch that makes it easier to buy things players frequently use or need. I'm glad it's here. But, I think the idea can be taken a step further! What if you could see by each item in the trading post not just the favorites icon, but also a number indicating how many players favorited it! This would help sellers by flocking towards supplying items in demand (represented visually by favorites), rather than needing to go to outside sources to research what item has been moving on the trading post the most. And if that can b
  3. Calling it now. Rox for Khan-Ur. She gon' show all of BC the Olmakhan way.
  4. Wait a minute. Does this complaint just basically boil down to Because I can tell you right now it's not. Even the new Skimmer mastery, which takes a little over 1 million XP to grind out, is stupidly easy to grind. Here's what you do: 1) eat food.2) Use a utility, like a Sharpening Stone.3) Pop Birthday or celebration boosters4) Pop a Black lion booster5) pop an XP booster6) Fire off some Lucky Draketails.7) Go to a guild hall and grab your XP enhancement8) Put an experience enrichment in your amulet9) Pop a Heroes Banner10) Pop a spirit Banner 11) Skip any of the above steps if you dont ha
  5. Actually this is a common thing for Anet to occasionally block in-game purchases through your account, and it's a measure they take before your payment info goes to payment processing. If you put in a ticket with the problem, they'll usually correct it with relative ease. I've had similar issues corrected for myself with Anet in the past.
  6. Convenience costs money in this game. Plain and simple. That's their business model in an F2P environment. You want a city you can teleport to at will, where every important object is within arm's reach? Pay gems. You want a bigger inventory/bank? Pay gems. You want to have more character slots? Pay gems. I think you see where I'm going with this. The list goes on and on. Games like these that don't charge a sub fee stay afloat by means of microtransactions. While other games like WoW and FF14 also do this in their business model, they're not nearly as aggressive as GW2's MTX campaign. And y
  7. I'm not worried about what this is designed for. This is a bug report forum. What is being described here is the way this mastery works now is different than how it worked before. Functionally different.
  8. I know you're trying to explain this to me like I don't understand, but I promise you that I'm aware of how the mastery works. What you're describing in the first line is relevant to having maximum stacks, resulting in a different buff ID than that mentioned in the topic. That's not relevant here. Previously, 1 minute of time passing didn't make you lose one stack. (Tiers 1, 2, and 3.) Now, you do lose 1 stack every minute (Tier 4).
  9. If a player has Tier 4 of an Essence Mastery, building stacks becomes a bit of a challenge because they lose 1 stack of the buff every minute. This stops occurring when the buff reaches maximum stacks (and effectively becomes another buff). Note that this does not occur when Essence Masteries are Tier 1, 2, or 3. This only occurs with Tier 4 of the Mastery. The issue is most noticeable in Drizzlewood Coast when observing Essence of Valor (green) as that color is slightly less common than the other two.
  10. Thank you. Seriously. Thank you. This map does everything right. It motivates players to communicate with one another and work together to facilitate greater rewards for everyone. It's a better feeling than Istan ever had. This was the perfect touch of constant combat and give-and-take feeling that keeps people engaged and just wanting to stay on the map, not just going through the motions, but actually communicating together to build a sense of community while making great profits. I hope more maps in the future take on this type of structure. They don't have to be glorious farms like this on
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