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  1. As everyone that's played the end of Champions, you all know that the ending was quite lackluster, and while I believe it's possible that ArenaNet had to speed along the Saga in order to get more work done on End of Dragons, I don't think they'd just disrespect two iconic characters like that, one of which was a major antagonist in GW1. So I'm thinking what if Primordus and Jormag aren't really dead, they just fused together into one mega dragon? I got this idea from someone else on the forums (can't remember who, sorry) and I really like it. At the end of the episode Aurene said that some/mos
  2. As we play through the story, Braham correctly senses two powerful destroyer minions before they appear, this is so strange that the commander asks him about it after Metrica Province is saved, and while Braham said he didn't know, I began developing a theory. DISCLAIMER: I don't think this is actually gonna happen, I just think it'd be pretty cool to think about. What if Braham is going to become Primordus' champion? Think about it, as I said before he can already seem to sense them for some reason (though I do realize it probably has nothing to do with Primo himself) this could be considered
  3. I'm almost 100% certain that by the end of IBS there will be a new Khan-Ur, changing Charr society for the better. I've seen other people theorize that It'll be Crecia or Rytlock, which I admit both are likely candidates to be the next Khan, but I don't think that'll be the case. Personally I both think and hope that it's going to be Effram Greetsglory, I think he's perfect for the role, he was introduced in Bound by Blood, and believes that the legions should work together instead of fight, he's extremely kind to others but also gets serious when necessary to defend his fellow Charr. With Smo
  4. Personally I think Jormag look really cool, regarding the “nose” I feel like the developers were trying to give them a more stereotypical dragon like appearance, at least in the face, typical dragons have long mouths/snouts moving forward away from their face, with the other dragons, their faces were a lot shorter, with Zhaitan and Mordy being kinda undragony and more monstery, Kralkatorrik’s face screamed dragon, but it was sharp/blocky and fairly short. I like the new direction they’re heading in with Jormag, their face is less defined and kinda featureless, pertaining to Jormag being gender
  5. It’s because when the spirits were leading Asgeir and his people away from Jormag, Owl, Ox, Eagle, and Wolverine all stayed behind to stall Jormag so they could get away, Jormag consumed Owl, this is confirmed in the lore, but it was not confirmed for the other three, of course it was assumed, but there was no evidence supporting it
  6. The DSD stands for Deep Sea Dragon, it’s the sixth Elder Dragon that resides in the unending ocean
  7. That’s it, that’s 100% it, that one sentence is pretty much a TL;DR of Bound by Blood
  9. I just saw the teaser for Icebrood Saga ep2 "Shadow in the Ice" first off, love the names of the episodes so far, but for the main reason of this post is what that shadow is. Now the devs have confirmed that Drakkar will in fact be a world boss in ep2, now a Drakkar fight could be implemented into the story, but I don't see it. Also, I think I can safely assume that because of Drakkar's confirmed appearance most people think that this is what the "Shadow" is. however, upon watching it again, I think that a) the shape of the shadow doesn't coincide with the concept art for Drake here, (I'm call
  10. Burn me I am so hyped to beat Drakkar’s face in
  11. Remember Spencer the Chak organ? Chak are among the few creatures besides the EDs who absorb magic, she was running all kinds of tests on that thing
  12. Taimi studied and confirmed that killing another ED would destroy Tyria, though your theory would be really cool, the lore s8mply says it’s not possible
  13. That's so true! I forgot about the Flame Legion
  14. I think Jormag has its own kind of mind manipulation, we already know that It can get inside our heads and obviously can control its minions like every ED, if Jormag didn’t gain Mordy’s mind spectrum, I believe this could be classified as Jormag’s influence mixed with Zhaitan’s death magic, and since the Fraenir was dead, it might’ve been easier to speak through, since there was no brain activity, it was ripe for the taking
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