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  1. You do know that this is a fantastic idea but it's all part of a larger system for the game. See one of the problems this game has is that it is missing key pieces of economies that in the real world make economies function. So there needs to be a DIVORCE system in place too as well as CHILD SUPPORT. So, if split without buying the 50k gem prenup you are going to lose half of your gold and half of your guild. Then you got to pay 2k gold a month for each player under 18 years old that remains on the roster. Not to mention people wanted professions so lawyers, family counselors, etc etc gre
  2. Yeah, most of what was left of the wvw population died the moment they put the warclaw in. I highly doubt there are even any decent players left in this game mode.
  3. Yeah, I have a mountain of ascended items not going to be grinding more just to get these stats. I guess that is how they intend to push everyone into getting legendary trinkets after already grinding up ascended ones to become too much of a hassle to deal with.
  4. It really comes down to players knowing the mechanics which for specific groups of players I've gone and played pretty much every class against a Thief showing these people how it doesn't matter what class you are on. In WvW it doesn't matter because you pretty much have watchtower, sentries, and consumables using supply that do this regardless of what class you are playing. In most cases what it comes down to is players using what they have available to slowly. Best way to explain this for anyone who does not understand what all of that means is that it's like when you take a ba
  5. I figure it could work up until the point you look at how Soul Reaping works for Necros. So based on shadow magic there is a huge gap in utility between Shadow Arts and Soul Reaping. You never know though they might end up making it become Shadow Reaping when you are using the Specter spec.
  6. Hey at least they let us find out that this expansion wasn't worth paying for before it gets released. They haven't shown me a single elite spec that is worth buying and the theme of Cantha I don't really see it anywhere in these elite specs other than a guardian getting an offhand sword and a mesmer a dagger but beyond that its horrible.
  7. One of the wells needs to be a stun break and then also more blindness application for cloaked in shadow. So what will happen like Ventari its great on paper but in actual combat it is easily countered without proper mechanics to work with. Oh also if you read the grandmaster skill of this spec it does cleanse allies if you use that trait.
  8. Besides it being a damned toothfairy with a magic wand which is very horrible. Then you have to look at they built this like the Ventari Revenant legend. Great on paper that does all this healing and great stuff but then you realize you have to opt out of one of the wells to get a stun break. This isn't the worst elite spec but its not going to cut it for me to spend money on it unless you are going to pay me to play this crap.
  9. This is just based on how it looks to me on paper but this spec seems like it was designed for two things. Bringing Thief the ability to become a viable support player and that D/D that didn't work well with other elite specs actually has the mobility and disengaging potential without actually having to disengage entirely. So I am very sure Death is coming back to Death Blossom for sure.
  10. I actually used it as a timer on the life of this game. So I solo built a storage guild that when it was finished just for WvW content that either Alliances would happen or either the end of the game. I finished it like a year and a half ago so all this talk they are doing is great but its more or less I'll believe it when I see it.
  11. This is basically a mesmer take on Thief where you become the Toothfairy. So instead of just a F1 - F4 as stealing skills that will steal a type of tooth. So you can steal Incisors, Canine, Premolars, and Molars so depending on Tooth you are able to first make a portal. Once the portal is gone it then allows you to use your next Scepter attack to shadow step either to your target or away from it. However your elite skill the Wisdom Tooth will reset all of your Toothfairy steals. However do not confuse the root canal with a portal because the root canal will teleport your entire squad but
  12. All you have to do to hire mercenaries is hold a contest where the best video wins 1k or more gold of killing a specific player in wvw. It will instantly create all the mercenaries that you could ever ask for to work towards winning that prize.
  13. They don't understand the concept of a lootbag as they have never killed any other players to know how to get one.
  14. Yeah thousands of people who are in those PvE Multi Guilds that since the warclaw have been plaguing WvW. These players do not bring what most WvW players would consider basic essentials. So they are so under geared that you can watch them move across terrain and hit one of those glitches where it causes falling damage and the whole squad of them will just instantly die.
  15. Being in the recent history of this game and the problems this was probably not a great name for this E-spec. Its like for competitive the Renegade was merely just a PvE spec. So if they were looking for Vindication with this one they absolutely and utterly failed and then called it the exact opposite of what it is. I'm not even going to dare to touch whatever monstrosity they made the thief E-spec.
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