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  1. The problem with hammer on Warrior is its purely a CC weapon, unlike on Guard/Rev/Scrapper, which is why it sees even less play than those. Its not that they need to return damage to the CC skills, its that they need to just make the weapon do massive base damage to compensate. The #1 chain, #2 and #3 skills need their damage radically increased for the lack of damage on #4, #5 and the F1 skills. There's almost no other purely CC weapons in the game, so I think the devs didn't really consider that when making the changes. But I think the other hammers all have similar p
  2. They can't do this because EoTM isn't a part of the matchup. When you join EoTM, you're not playing for your server but a red, green or blue team that has all the servers of that color merged together, so there's literally no war to fight outside the map. To give the normal rewards like pips it has to be moved into the matchup. (The goal of Alliances was to make all maps function like EoTM, replacing servers with colored teams consisting mostly of allied guilds.)
  3. For alot of players Taimi is their most favorite character because she's realistic. Asura tech aside, she's the character with the most realistic personality of them all. Most of the other characters were better in LS1-2 but have felt forced since then.
  4. I like how people act like this came out of nowhere in LS3 after spending literally half a year hunting bandits and all kinds of other stuff for the Shining Blade, which culminated in defeating the entire White Mantle, and killing their leader, as well as being able to craft a replica of the literal Shining Blade from Zomorros. But yeah, if you didn't do the live events it doesn't make much sense. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Justice_of_the_Blade https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/The_Head_of_the_Snake https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/The_Shining_Blade
  5. It was almost two years ago exactly, but sadly many weapon sets never make a comeback. They even stopped bringing back most of the holiday weapons. This is likely because players can still drop them from BLCs.
  6. The devs literally said it was meant to be a Legendary equivalent for a mount. It was even made easier, the timegates for one Tyrian day used to be one real life day.
  7. No build will be perfect for you, not from Metabattle or any other site. Yes, with work you can successfully play someone else's build, but it'll always be someone else's build. That's why progress in instanced content can feel forced, because many veterans confuse copying with learning, when they're not the same thing. Its like being an artist, tracing is good practice at first but you don't want to trace forever. At least Metabattle has more varied builds and less tunnel-vision.
  8. It doesn't need any changes to be mainlined into WvW, just gliding and mounts enabled. Those two features would easily account for how harsh EoTM is to navigate. How I'd like to see it: Red - Desert Borderlands Blue - Alpine Borderlands Green - Jungle Borderlands (new map) Eternal Battlegrounds Edge of the Mists as an overflow to all maps This way players would still have something to do while queued, while getting rid of the current implementation where EoTM doesn't award any points. And add something interesting at the center of ev
  9. The only problem with this argument is world bosses weren't always easy. Back before all the powecreep it was easy even for Fire Elemental or Shadow Behemoth to kill the entire group of players in just a few seconds if they weren't seasoned enough to know how to survive while also managing their DPS as well. Every single encounter in the game including the venerable Silverwastes meta that's easy peasy lemon squeasy now, had a high chance of failure. It was possible to bring your best to a fight and still have to walk away having wasted an hour or more of your day, that'
  10. The Skyscale is the only optional mount. Every other mount is required in some situations, even Griffon for some newer events like Dragonfall chest train and the Roller Beetle for the racing minigames. To make up for this, the Skyscale also has the ability to do anything that any other mount can do, although less efficiently. Once obtained, many players use it as their only mount in nearly all situations. That's why its basically a Legendary-quality mount, and the grind is about the same. The time to obtain a Legendary weapon without "cheating" (i.e spending gold) is ~1
  11. Regarding what's happening with Celestial Exotic gear, is because recently the devs heavily buffed it by adding Concentration and Expertise, making it one of the best filler sets to add to other builds to round them out, while previously it was unuseable in any build that needed Boon Duration/Condition Duration, and thus was mainly used to round out pure power/condi builds. As a result of this, many players moved some of their Ascended gear to Celestial (which requires only an insignia to stat-change, not a full Exotic), effectively drying up the demand for the Exotics except for n
  12. Her illness is similar to Muscular Dystrophy. It doesn't have the effects you're expecting, it just slowly weakens the muscles until the person dies because internal organs like the heart are muscles too. She's already mostly wheelchair-bound (Scruffy). Her decline will be very slow and very painful, but its not going to be Hollywood style. She's already retired from Dragon's Watch, and been replaced by Gorrik, who is also taking care of her. All or Nothing and this season heavily hinted that they're involved.
  13. I'll break down my feelings simply: Do we have too many lv80 maps? No, I don't think we have enough. Even now after all these years and all the new maps, only half of open-world is for max-level players. Is Silverwastes. etc. still popular? Yes, you need to go to LFG and find a RIBA map, like most metas. The LFG system and the UI are terrible, but I digress. Are the Path of Fire maps abandoned? Yes. Heart of Thorns maps still attract massive numbers of players because of their engaging content, and mounts did more for HoT than they ever did for PoF, where ma
  14. Since people are beating around the bush a bit with the subject in this thread, I'll make it clear. There's no such thing as a unisex shirt for girls because girls have breasts. They do fit but the lift that results from not having extra space in the chest area causes the bottom to pull up and expose the tummy, which isn't a look thats welcome in many environments. Its okay for a casual day out but that's about it. Sometimes you can get around it by buying a size higher, but then it just looks baggy instead which is also a very casual look aka "boyfriend's shir
  15. 1. Fix the ending of the IceBrood Saga. 2. Living World Season 1, replayable in some format similar to LS2. 3. WvW Alliances.
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