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  1. Just a note here, you need about 800-900 Healing Power for %healing bonuses to begin outstripping it. As a general rule if you're not around 1k HLP there's no point.
  2. The devs are between a rock and a hard place on this issue because if they ban bots without first improving PvP significantly the game mode will suddenly appear dead to a mass disappearance of opponents. They first need to attract many new or returning players to PvP to revitalise it.
  3. Core Thief already has the makings of a good support build. They can heal, revive, stealth and buff allies, and with Pack runes already give permanent Might, Fury, Swiftness and Vigor, all combined with plenty of boonstrips and a good amount of CC and Vulnerability application. The issue I always had with playing it was the healing couldn't keep up in high-pressure content. If the Thief gets access to barriers, this will likely be solved, as it'll give just enough headroom for their normal allied heals to shine, just like on Scourge, who also has weak heals but uses them extremely
  4. Its more than Thief has no viable utiilty/support spec. Daredevil is a DPS bruiser, Deadeye is just a DPS.
  5. While this is sometimes true, alot of content like DRMs and world bosses such as Drakkar are far less efficient without meta classes and builds and can even fail despite all the powercreep. If you're talking about generic open-world events, sure. But there's plenty of content outside of Fractals , raids and Strike Missions which greatly benefits from not only having a support but by having meta builds in general, and I'd even go so far as to say if players didn't bring meta to many encounters they'd likely fail alot more than you see happening. The players who do follow
  6. No, the solution is to make all boons stack in intensity instead of duration. Alacrity, Quickness and other boons like Protection wouldn't be as overpowered if you needed multiple players to always keep them maxed, but currently just one player of a sufficient class can cover the entire group (some even in 10man). It would also help boons like Regeneration be stronger and have more viability in group content. This applies to few conditions as well, for example the healing malus on Agony and Poison should start out at a lower value and then stack to higher intensities, t
  7. As for Living World seasons, they're relatively easy to acquire using in-game gold. The hardest to acquire is probably LWS2 as you're a fresh lv80 at that point and farming doesn't come easily, especially without spoilers. But after that they get exponentially easier as each season offers up new farming events and locations and ways to acquire gold in general. But the summary for newbies is: Salvage everything, and sell the resulting materials at lowest listing on the Trading Post. Don't instantly sell anything, especially not to NPCs. Daily logins, daily achviemen
  8. What HealTempest brings to Fractals is perma 25 Might, Fury, Swiftness, Regeneration, Vigor and Protection, high uptime on reflects and easy access to a massive amount of CC and healing. Some of these were super significant in the dungeon area, and for most of the lifetime of Fractals, but have fallen off after the introduction of Firebrand. Why? Well, basically its because of Aegis and Stability spam. Its not even Quickness. You can forego every other boon, even in most cases reflects and sometimes even healing entirely as long as you block everything, and make sure that allies ne
  9. This just keeps going around and around. The main argument before was that Celestial wasn't useful given the time and cost to obtain; it was the most unused set in the game even below Shaman's (which was used on some Guard & Ele burn builds). So after many years the devs finally buff it, and now people keep whining that its OP. On top of this, there's zero evidence people actually run Celestial outside of a few specific builds, and even then its mostly running the trinkets (especially on Ele, Guard and Thief, since its gives you 15k). not the full gear.
  10. It looks like this bug is specific to Orders from Above on Renegade; I tested other sources Alacrity with Quickness (Ventari, Chrono, Mirage), and the duration of the Alacrity given was always correct. Its almost like Quickness is causing the skill to literally cancel itself during pulses. Later when I have more time to test I should go to Heart of Maguuma and test it with Speed Boost Mushrooms, which have a similar but lesser effect (at only 10% instead of 50%), and see if its a Qiuckness boon bug with Orders from Above or if its caused by all sources of increased atta
  11. I'd actually like to see a whole host of changes: - Reassert red to always be desert/volcanic themed, green to be forest/jungle/swamp themed and blue to be alpine/snow themed. The themes of Frostreach, Badlands and Overgrowth should be the norm across all maps, not something restricted only to EoTM. - Add more textures detail to EBG (the map itself is perfect already) to represent these biomes; i.e, make the area around the red keep a desert, the area around the green keep a true wetlands and make it always snowing around the blue keep, instead of just the same grass texture over th
  12. These problems exist in all Roller Beetle races. I've done them all many times, and golded all but Proxemics many times. There's alot of related bugs like drifting not working when it should, boost key not working at full energy, mysteriously losing acceleration in open-field, energy orbs not appearing, energy orbs only restoring partial endurance if used within a split second of a boost, racing gateways not appearing or not activating, obsticles sending you flying instead of blocking you if you hit them at weird angles , events spawning solid objects that block your progress, and
  13. You have a few good points but also misconceptions. My main complaint is the lack of LWS1 as replayable content, and I feel this is what hurts new player uptake the most. Your complaint that the Living World expansions costing money is false, as a veteran player you should know that you can do 30g/hr farms (20g/hr even in the venerable Silverwastes), and that getting this content for a friend using only in-game gold takes less than a week of mostly casual effort. It may seem like alot to you, but players literally do this all day long, every day so that's the kind of pl
  14. Yes, for many reasons, some of which are stated above but another is that it bypasses the Trading Post. Anything that happens outside the in-game market is a grey market, and you risk getting scammed. Badly. If you want to buy MCs with real money, convert gems to gold and then buy them that way.
  15. Bring back the epic Vanilla and Heart of Thorns style character select screens and music for End of Dragons, modified for a Canthan-appropriate theme of course. Since Path of Fire release there have been many complaints about how dark the character selection is (and how it lights your characters, especially), and how subtle and almost unnoticeable the music is, so it essentially feels like the character select isn't there at all, or serves no purpose. On top of this in light of high expectations, it still wasn't changed for IceBrood Saga despite its claims of being expansion-like.
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