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  1. Did the support ticket in game before this. Nope i checked every place it could be and nada
  2. So i combined my tokens for Twilight and for Sunrise but i never received eternity on anything from the inventory to skins to legendary armory . It never showed up after the forge of the 4 items needed. Please look into my account for last night 2-10-23 around 6pm pacific
  3. As a Guild Wars 1 vet and a avid gw2 player all i can say is PoF was the last expansion i buy and ill wait for Guild Wars 3 (if they make one) PoF was the first game / exp of theirs i didn't buy the big bundle of because i was disappointed then. The new expansion lacks a big draw for me. No dual classes like Gw1 still, classes are crap, new expansion doesn't have alliance battles 2.0 with lux and kurz and finally they nerfed my 5 years old Minion build to the ground in the last few months, I just played Diablo 2 : Resurrection and omg its a take me back to the good old days and well done. But.. September 28th is where New World comes out and all i can say is from what Beta previews i played... I will be signing off of this franchise till a new game (if that's even worth it)
  4. STILL CAN'T REINSTALL GAME AFTER ALL THE """""Fixes"""". Tried reinstalling without a firewall and virus software on. Anet officially broke the dang game.... Nothing on my computer has changed since late monday but now its broken. Great job. Now onward to different games since pvp is still crap (Since season 5/6), alliance lux kurz battles are not reborn in the new expansion and so forth. I guess this is how you force players to not play even tho some like me have been around since Guild wars 1. Edit: Please just roll back whatever half butt made patch was released Tuesday and start over.
  5. Well it's 100% on anet's side since i've tried everything from the -dx9 fix, to the -image fix, to deleting the local.dat and now can't reinstall after uninstalling.. I guess anet really really wants me to focus on Diablo 2 resurrection and New World when they come out in 2 days. May just finally install my new awesome graphics card gw2 can't process and lags with it installed. That way i can get my pc ready for some real games. We really should have been on Guild Wars 3 by now
  6. So... I know this topic has been posted. Just curious when they will actually let us know how to fix it / start the game to play. As soon as I click the game it looks like it's downloading a update then it crashes and closes.
  7. If they want to make it right then they will start the season over tomorrow. Otherwise 2v2 mini season this round is a joke just like duo 5v5 circlequest has been since season 6 with the wintrade wars.
  8. I just like making fun of anet's priorities. Flashy worthless skins over game fixing. It's quite sad. Now they ruined the 2v2 season by letting it go on for more then a hour. Anet is a failure at all things balance but they can sure make flashy skins these days
  9. "We have temporarily disabled Rune of Strength's sixth piece bonus while we address an issue. It will be re-enabled in an upcoming hotfix." Must have given the one part time intern some help finally and they got it fixed for now. So sad the priority is flashy trash cash skins over game improvements
  10. I just love how during "normal" season time all you have to do to get to the top of the Ranked Leaderboard is to have a alt, a buddy, and play at a off time like 2am vs bots. If you get faced vs a buddy then toss the game so they can toss the next one for you on their alt. Ranked has been a joke since season 6 when the wintrade wars started.
  11. Anet's one intern is still going line by line with the code to fix his or her screw up. May take a few days
  12. Maybe next balance dont just have 1 part time intern working half days on a balance patch while you have 50 people working on 24/7 shifts making worthless cash skins. LMAO anet LMAO. Going to have to restart the 2v2 season or ban the exploiters. Your call.
  13. lmao anet brtoke its own game as usual. maybe next time don't have just 1 part time intern working on the balance. Maybe take a few people from the 50 person cash skin making team to help out
  14. Love my mm reaper. Mm reaper for about 3iah years now in pvp. Best class and has been the hidden gem if used right
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