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  1. Bnet gives kitten on pvp since 4ever, no content 4 u dude
  2. Isnt it the known problem that overall played matches count in the matchmaking? People ask to get rid of it since long time w/o any attention.
  3. Why I g3 need to play vs lb#1 duo three times in a row , where as my team is filled with at least 2 bots. It is for real a horrible exp, no more fun after 9 years .... on top of that the bitchi pvp drama with wintraders, cheaters, hackers, bots, gizmo sellers, ... gw1 was very good pvp, gw2 was decent a long time, now it is just a dead toxic gamemode, when was the lost ark release?
  4. - beta specs , hm looking meme, but still time left and the oppertunity to make them omega op like hot or even better pof - no new pvp modes (bots, wt, ... is no content) - no wvw content (alliance system is no content) Maybe we get fishing to overcome >5min q time ?
  5. Top mes said mantra op, just nerf it ... it is known since 4ever
  6. Big flop, no excuses ... fits to a lot of topics 🧟‍♂️
  7. It is not about teef ,,, just go duo and take 2 bursts no matter which class ... play off hours and farm bots and/or not exp. players
  8. Take it with fun, since nobody cares anyway, at least bnet gives a kitten.
  9. Just bc of the unique play it is teef since to be god u need to play ur class extremly good to burst and position ur self, read the map the enemy and ur team all time during the match if not ur team plays a 4vs5 ... no other class has such a big gap between garbo and god
  10. Everything is better than 2v2, 3v3 ... nec war. Lets play the forgotten stronghold, why not.
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