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  1. Managing downstate is a learn to play issue. Merge this thread.
  2. PVE players exposing themselves as casuals.Would you prefer it if Anet just sends you the next mount through in game mail.
  3. Wow did my comment about merging duplicate downstate discussion threads get removed..Or is this just another thread. Regardless. Not being able to deal with downstates is a learn to play issue.
  4. wtb forum moderator to merge these threads. managing downstate is a learn to play issue.
  5. How many of you actually played during the event? You do realise that a lot of good players / guilds basically didn't bother playing right? If you think no downstate is a good direction for wvw you need to talktofrank.com So funny how this forum doesnt represent the sentiment of player base even slightly. Unreal
  6. Hi,Good luck with your GvG! What Guilds / Server are you playing on? I've changed the Traits / Skills / Weapons to what I think guilds are running. I didn't change runes / infusions / sigils, I presume they don't matter too much.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vhIQRAse8dncfCFrhFoB2pBEgiFijyMASgFquS/0S9sBugPD-jlx/gAQq/8qEEQ/Q2DAIY/BQlfBASAMTvn7JTvn7BpA8bmF-w I wouldn't worry too much about finding videos of recent Mesmer gvg. Your roll will become quite apparent once you start playing it. As you've played other Mesmer builds, you will notice that this one doesn't require much mechanical skill, it
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