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  1. Not sure what that is supposed to mean. Maybe that player really likes farming. The point i try to make is the same why those particular threads are closed within a day. Accusing people of botting or AFK'ing without evidence violates at least 3 rules of conduct. If people have evidence that this player is botting or not at his/hers pc, bring it forward. If you don't have any, you don't post in the forum or the thread will be locked
  2. It already is taken care of. Botting and AFK farming are illegal according to the rules of conduct and results in bans which extend by every violation.
  3. I'm pretty sure the developers can't wait to create contend for 9 players world wide while their expansion catering to normal PVE players was a wild success
  4. Why are people so obsessed with reporting? This turns into a full time hobby. Just play the kitten game
  5. Actually this is not heartbreaking, they confront you with reality They can't doublecheck with every single player if they are good with a patch before releasing it. I actually appreciate that they are straight forward with their answer
  6. Don't buy lootboxes !!!!! This stuff is forbidden in other countries on purpose. If you still do, deal with the outcome but don't complain on a public forum
  7. I wouldn't bet on that. The veterans farming material, are not stopping. If any it will be a little price bump followed by even lower prices since players can get what they need faster than we people who played from day 1 when nothing was available.
  8. People play this game now since 400 years. Most of the population already reached everything and doesn't require any materials or gold or whatever. This is why all prices sink, it's normal even in a real economy
  9. I totally agree with you here. If people want to use bots to farm virtual pieces of leather or whatever, go for it. We are talking a video game here where any kind of currency or material has zero connection to my real life. I still stay away from the auto clicker since i want to experience the game itself
  10. Nope, you got it all wrong I have my Necro wherever i want her, autocasting the minions. While the necro is doing it's thing, i have my legs up on the table and tap the space bar from time to time. This is a very relaxed way to farm. This gives me time to read my books to prepare for the next certifications. No, there is no script or bot involved Yes, i am at my computer And YES, I abosultely mind moving every 10 minutes because i hate stressful gaming. The only time i have ever been asked by an Anet person ingame, i answered what the heck i am
  11. Yeah, but A-Net has the "Play as you want" policy and my gamestyle is standing at the same spot doing nothing but tapping space bar. I am grateful for A-Net being a mindful company who supports variety and is not giving in to any mud slinging, hateful individuals who want to force their live on others. Thank you for that A-Net
  12. Just because i don't like my gaming style doesn't mean i am not actively playing. You can repeat it over and over again but it doesn't make it more true. Also you being convinced someone is violating the rules is irrelevant regarding someone really violating policies. By your logic all of the invisible spies in PvP are not actively playing because they stand on one spot, serving only 1 purpose.
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