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  1. Because they are sitting at their PC, it's that easy
  2. The usual punishment is a temporary lock out of the account. Each further violation, will double the lock out time.
  3. Ahhh the weekly standing farmers post. Just ask yourself, can you proof they are AFK ? If not, don't accuse innocent people. Remember, just because you don't like how other people play, doesn't make it illegal
  4. This is one of the reasons A-Net is able to sell multiple accounts to players.
  5. According to who or what? If you don't like stuff doesn't mean it's cheating
  6. Why do you tell him not to take them into PvP or WvW ??? He has all rights to do that according to the A-Net rules
  7. His questions was "is it legal or not" and not how efficient is it to play 2 characters. The answer is: It is legal since control the characters directly and not unattended. If someone asks me, he can have 76 accounts playing at the same time as long as no third party software is involved
  8. But guys, what about the people who had accidents and lost both hands. Those awesome people learned to master their life using their feet. The eat and even use computers using a foot. After redoing all the animations for the left hands, can we cater to this group of great people? I don't even care if the right or left foot is their main "hand"
  9. I have a 330% magic find. But i also found those weapons right when i started doing Tequatl early in my career
  10. ???? i have most of them and don't even participate. Mostly i just stand around and tag here and there. RNGesus must be really mad with you. Beside that, those skins are not really appealing to the eye
  11. I don't get why you attack this user so viscously. All of you latest post in here have nothing to do with the original topic. You already got your answer. The overwhelming majority of PvE players don't want any PvP content in their world. Easy and simple. So please go back to your PvP section and leave the good people of PvE alone with your nonsense
  12. - Skill system of GW1 including customizing weapons and equipment - Henchman to get rid of the toxic Group Finder - Acknowledging that achievements are no content and present real content. Like an expansion every 6 month to finally make some money.
  13. May i ask what this tons of lore is? I play since the release and i only see: Dragon corrups, the people who could fight it don't want to because they are fighting someone else instead joining. We make them join together, the dragon will be defeated. This plot repeats over and over again How this is tons of lore, is far beyond me
  14. 40% 2 out of 5 Stars Graphics and environment are top. But there is 0 lore and the fixed skills are stupid.
  15. I am pretty sure people oppose it because they don't want anything PvP related in their PvE mode. Why do you try to push so hard for a mode that is despised by 99% of the game population is far beyond me.
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