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  1. My game was working last night, but this morning it's done nothing but crash. Tried removing the local.dat file to rebuild in %appdata% before launching the game, and then replacing it with my original local.dat. This only fixed the issue until I unchecked the DPI scaling option under graphics. This seems to trigger a crash unless you are running the in Windows 8 compatibility mode. I was also able to get the game to run once this morning with admin mode, but it only worked once. Then back to problems with being sent back to desktop.
  2. I don't feel any of the current pairings are supporting a balanced gaming community in WvW. I refuse to buy gems and lose pips for 7-14 days because the person who did the pairings failed to make sure they were appropriately balanced. I also shouldn't have to leave a guild and other people I enjoy playing with on my current server. Why not have server pairings changed more frequently, like once a month?
  3. Currently stuck in Map Results screen for Revenge of the Capricorn. This was for a ranked match. Logging out and/or switching characters simply causes the map selector to spin again and blocks most of my screen.
  4. I'm having the exact same issue. Restarted my computer. Even tried running the game in Windows and MacOS. Until this is fixed, I can't really play at all since Map Results screen is my view.
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