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  1. the part with '' new ppl are coming in and writing cbit of code '' - this is exactly the same feel im getting, and one of the major reasons for that is because when i look back at example HoT times, i felt the game was in a much more stable overall state than it is today, we could sure then say that we got heck load of new content or what not but it shouldnt break major parts of the game like specs and traits etc, and if that is the case they should either not release the new content or atleast fix it before releasing, and if they didnt figure that it would cause an issue until after releasing
  2. i dont know exactly how it works with such things in regards to models and what not in gw2 but i do design 3D anime models through unity and blender and there we used something called wet painting which provides weight to clothing bound to bone structure, this helps more realistic movement of the clothing and makes it look like it has weight / gravity is applied etc. - the reason i wrote that is because this is exactly what i see the skiff's missing in this video, it looks like they have no weight and that they dont sail but rather hover / fly on the water, my suggestion is that u
  3. not to put salt in the wounds but this happened like less than a month ago to me aswell in WvW, usually gliding / stowing weapons fixes it but as soon as weapons are drawn or u get in combat they disappear, since this happened to me years ago aswell i just started to see it as a feature rather than a bug, most of the time i keep my back untoggled anyways, tho would love to see this fully fixed one day.
  4. yeah i see that now and my apologize for that, i deffiantly missread it as if u were saying it isnt a bug rather than it isnt a 'new' bug, so my bad on that one, and yeah i agree second fix would be the solution in my opinion / eyes aswell, tho i was just thinking generally like which solutions there could be to the issue. in regards to code language and which exact they used for which parts yeah im clueless aswell, tho generally it seems to be a mess recently, it wasnt too long ago we had 2 days where dual trait on weaver was bugged aswell tho it is fixed again.
  5. Greetings, im running 2060 rtx tho with a 43'' uhd tv as monitor and i can run in fullscreen just fine, my guess or suggestions is to try edit the settings without going into the game, might even wanna del them to restore them to standard. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Local.dat u can find the location for ur local.dat under this wiki link. Hope it solves ur issue and if not i hope u find a solution eitherways ofcourse. - Xaint .
  6. Greetings, this issue sounds odd indeed taken by the statements of the invidual responds in this topic, my only suggestion to this is for u guys to try a /flushdns and see if that helps / fixes the issue. if it still continues to happen then yeah im not sure what much more can be done, it seems u did port forwarding and ur connection is fine, u could try reach out the isp and hear if they have any information in regards to the ports for gw2.
  7. Greetings, did u make sure to name the API Key ? as it is required to give it a name as u can have / make several Api Keys. also make sure tho it should be always enabled by default and not able to disable but make sure that account information is checked when making a key.
  8. '' this isnt a bug its been there since pof launch and is pretty bad coding '' - ??? then obviously it must be a bug, wheter the cause is bad coding or it been there since pof or is on all mount or not it is deffiantly not how it intentionally should be, u cant be attuned to two elements but have only 1 element attunement skill, either they need to fix it visually by making u fully attuned to one element ( which could be a visual bug showing as if u were attuned to two ) or else they need to fix it as where u are attuned to both two elements that u were previously before mounting .
  9. Greetings, i randomly logged in this morning and i've checked the wvw tab, it was all white / neutral with 0 score / points, i though maybe my internet went out or something but it was not, i had a stable ping and was whispering with inviduals while seeing others run around. i then entered wvw because i wanted to see what is going on, it was still all white / neutral, after a bit time and the timer passed / pips given, i recieved literally 0 pips and suddenly after a bit everything returned to normal. This seems like a bug / issue with the server ? im not sure what exactly caused it,
  10. Greetings, i believe ranger pets are bugged in wvw ( is not like they always been quite op ) but anyways to the subject. you can have ur pet attack + cc an enemy while u stealth on a ranger to then mount up out of combat while ur pet are still attacking / cc'ing an enemy, even if the enemy deal / hit the pet which should mark both the ranger and the pet in combat it is not the case. To me this seems like a unintended bug as it gives a huge advantage / unfair deal in terms of playing a ranger, u can literally just jump around and use some stealth mechanics with a longbow
  11. the fact that it wasnt hotfixed yday and been in ranked for nearly 24hours is really bothering to me, lost 3 matches because of weavers and i refuse to roll my own weaver just to keep a rank its so unethical, but not seeing a hotfix after 24hours kinda makes it feel like they just want to keep it like that ? i dont know. hope we can get that fix soon, cus this is being abused to the limits in every scenario, u can literally solo a raid boss ( tho timer would run out due to not enough damage but the fact that u can solo tank any raid boss with nearly no effort ) WvW - u easily
  12. @Fire Attunement.9835 please fix this, its literally godmode in spvp atm.
  13. the armor just screams heavy armor, beside of the helmet there is also the rest of the armour u know and if u look at the boots, the gauntlets, & Especially last but not least the leg piece ( this leg piece is actually legendary wvw or pvp armor ) cant rmber which one for heavy. so my bet is that its deffiantly gonna be guardian .
  14. i so much wish that we had / have more jp's than we currently have, the first 100% achievement goal i ever had and completed 100% as the first was jp's, it was such gud times but memories now, because there is no bigger purpose or goal for doing them again when all achieves are unlocked already.
  15. i am online right now, tho semi afk'ing in queensdale just chilling, but i have no lag, no connection issues, no dc's or any similarities at the moment. My suggestion is that u try if u on a router to reset ur router aswell as perhaps perform a flushdns, if u unsure on how to flush ur dns then there is plenty of guides / walkthroughs on the internet, its easy and a 2min process and can in many cases fix connection issues sometimes . If none of above worked, then just await response from ur ticket ofcourse, tho there might be a high volume recently due to alot of
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