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Reversal of fortune, need help


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How exactly is this meant to be used? I asked in chat if it was closer to aed and someone replied saying it's aed'ish and full counter'ish. Either I'm using it wrong or it's not working at all. So with that said, does anyone have a video that I can see the full glory of this healing skill going off? WvW game mode that is. Don't tell me Prayer to Dwayna is better than this 😛

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Pretty sure it's supposed to function like Full Counter, but currently it seems bugged. Sometimes, attacks don't trigger the heal, and if you get CCed, you lose the charge, it goes on cooldown, you fail to heal, AND you get CCed. This skill also does not synergize well with on-heal traits or effects. They only go into effect if you channel the 1 second absorb, then fail to absorb an attack during that 1s.

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