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willbender is great, but


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ty for the beta, i really like all three especs.  

i like willbender.  i love the idea of a pit fighter style, build.  i really enjoy the dashing, punching, kicking.  i see no problem for most players to enjoy willbender.  players who are more serious about build optimizing, whether for pve, pvp, or wvw are going to be quite hard to please with willbender.


in pvp, my first impression is that this style of build is going to have an incredibly difficult, if not impossible time against all the projectile vomit and aoe without significant help

surviving.   it can dish out some decent hits, but many of the competitive advantages that some builds enjoy just dont seem to be available to willbender.


its still fun

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I do honestly find it fun, I'm trying to spend what time I have left on it to get the most out of it and see if I can come up with some whacky builds. I had enough runes to test with it and overall I am quite pleased. I am primarily a WvW player though and I feel it is fun there, so I don't know how it is in the other modes. I look forward to the changes and fixes to it.

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It’s extremely undertuned atm. Increasing the damage/sustain aspects would certainly help (is necessary for it to be at all relevant imo). Additionally, small changes in how it functions (basically all buffs) could make it a successful assassin-duelist role. Rn, it seems like it was almost over-turned down out of fear of making it OP.
An example; Willbender flames cancel each other out on virtue use. The flames already don’t do that much. Reducing the amount of control the will bender can have over the battlefield reduces the effectiveness of its mobility when trying to control a fight. 

Granted this was from only playing in wvw/armistice, not pvp, so the balance may be different.

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