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Missing recipe for Mist shard armors after achievement is done.

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So I'm trying to finish up the visions of Dragon fall achievement, after finish up all the requirements for the vision of equipment: dragon champion armor, I'm missing 3 recipes and 3 armor pieces. Now I can't finish the visions of Dragon fall achievement. Is there a way to reset this or can the recipes become available through TRAVELING ELONIAN TRADER? 

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So... I encountered this last month. I had done the meta on a few different characters and got achievements on a few. So I had selected different weights. But the recipe is a learnable recipe in your bags that you get when you get a piece via achievement. I had to jump from character to character trying to find where the recipes were in my inventory and then learn them. Luckily for me I didn't delete any of the characters with the recipes on them lol

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