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Quickness DPS Harbinger


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For a quickness DPS Harbinger, is this basically how the build would work out? Is there a better stat combo to use to maintain boon duration while pushing out better damage? Or maybe we'll get new stat combos with the expansion that has like Vitality, Condition Damage, Expertise, and Concentration?


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To be honnest, on the state of necro / harbinger during beta, I see no reason to play "support quickness" outside the meme  in wvw/pvp or because players are lazy to switch for FB.

You can loop quickness, fury, 15-25 mights for 5 players;  you need 50-60% BD  for that ... but you bring nothing more. No offensive buff, no stab, prot,  etc, unless you play the elite elixir but for short duration. For the moment all specs that share Quickness do everything better, grant more boons, more buffs, more utilities like bane/wrath signet, superspeed etc.


I hope they may change elixir or traits to  add an unique buff rather than boons;  for example share the "harbinger aura" on shroud to allies etc, otherwise quickness won't be enough to be a thing.



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