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Disconnected from "A Shattered Nation" ... Twice!

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And always near the end...

And never checkpoints...

Always start again from the VERY beginning.

I am very sorry but, I am surprised that after so many complaints, we still have these issues with story.  We still have to replay it all from the start, regardless of progression. 

I find this to become a bit too much lately. I have to redo about 30% of all instances at least once, and 10% twice and always... 100% of those times from the VERY beginning


I am starting to be done with this all. This is UBER frustrating and by now. Please for the sake of the game, and for the sake of not chasing people off (because I am often so frustrated I x out) put in checkpoints. Give us damage control

Disconnected? Start and last encounter. There are numerous points where partymembers get "progress" options, yet none of those are checkpoints.


As usual I will likely grind my way through it, but I can no longer hide the sheer dissapointment that after so many years of these kind of issues, checkpoints are still an alien concept.

PLEASE fix this. 

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