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Did a third espec video get posted?


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2 hours ago, LucianDK.8615 said:

Ah, thank you.

Works like last Beta.  Virtuoso clip was released Tuesday.  Harbinger was unveiled Wednesday. Willbender was unveiled Thursday. Friday was the Showcase where we saw the traits and new weapon skills and utilities for each new espec.

Tuesday was Vindicator, today was Bladesworn, tomorrow will be The Ele espec and Friday will be the showcase telling us their weapon skills, utilities, traits and showing the attacks and stuff off.  Then the following Tuesday, beta~

Third Beta will be the same.  Week of the Showcase, Tuesday Medium 1, Wednesday Medium 2, and Thursday Medium 3.  Which order we get them in will probably be based on silhouette order.  So if Thief is first, it'll be the Tuesday since that is how the last two worked.

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