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Purchasing 'Ultimate Edition' atop 'Standard-': Possible?

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I've recently purchased the Collection (all Expansions, incl. EoD), Standard Edition. I now realise the importance of Gems for things beyond Cosmetics (being able to play different characters, store builds, have a bank, etc), and would like to invest in a few thousand. One option is to spend €50 on 4k Gems, however I remember the Ultimate Edition being €50 more than Standard and supplying me with 4k Gems & an 800 Gem Character Slot, so would obviously much prefer this one. My question is: Is this possible? Is there a way to Upgrade my already existing Standard Collection to an Ultimate Collection, for the price of €50? 




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I would not go through the hassle to be honest. Buy the gems separately and take more care when buying the right option the next time.


At least never, never charge back the transaction, because that will get your account banned and yourself blacklisted from new purchases via DigitalRiver. (The company that does the game/gem sales for ArenaNet)

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On 9/18/2021 at 9:41 AM, Epilogue.4735 said:

I suppose I will be losing the Character I made via the Extra Character Slot & Boost, included in the original purchase? 

I'm confused.  What Extra Character Slot included in the original Standard Edition purchase?  You said you wanted the Ultimate for the Character Slot; if you already got one (which would be a bug of some kind), why not just spend the $50 on Gems?  (Of course, there are other goodies, included.)

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