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Redesigning How Catalyst Functions


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I want to start off by saying the concept is amazing. However, it lacks functionality in all game modes and the traits are not very complex. This is my attempt to address those issues.


The F5 Mexhanic

1. The idea of having on demand fields is good, but the fact that it changes with attunement and doesnt move after deploying the sphere limits its use in almost every scenerio for all game modes. The energy system refreshing every time you switch attunements is bad design and makes the idea of gaining energy an afterthought (based on what I saw in the preview).


2. The first thing I would change is once you deploy a sphere in an attunement, the field stays even after switching attunements. This allows for ele to have more flexibility with using water field for surviving or having persistant protection and weakness. Deploying the sphere will cost 5 energy and you lose 1 energy per second.


3. The next thing I would change is redeploying the sphere. If I deploy a water sphere then I switch to air and want quickness in a new location I can redeploy it in a new spot for 5 energy.


4. You no longer gain energy from attacks while a sphere is deployed.


5. You can stow the sphere by clicking it again in the same attunement. Goes on a 15s cd when stowed or you lose energy to maintain it.


This allows for more dynamic interactions while making the energy system matter (which I will touch on in traits).



1. The augments with the above mechanic will function better overall.


2. The augments themselves arent great for pvp and wvw and I will talk about each.


Air Augment

-its function is literally a worse version of the air shout on tempest.


-The endurance regen messes with vigor and its like a bad version of rangers griffon stance mixed with a single target version of eye of the storm, but only if its near an air sphere.


-I think it would function better if it pulsed a 1s blind for its duration or it dazed in an aoe when you stunbreak.  Or make it a 15s stunbreak, because thats how bad it is.


Fire Augment

-Its fine for what it does but offers very little functionality.


-have it purge 1 condi per second for its duration. Make it 30s cd.


Water Augment.

-Not a bad concept and it allows for more energy to be gained. The dps increase seems negligable.


-Personally I would like it to pulse 1s chill for its duration. 30s cd to compensate.


Earth Augment

-Also a good concept, but making it intereact with blocking attacks seems much more interactive.


-I would have it heal you for every attack you block, (or give barrier) when near the earth sphere. On its own its fine. Just a warrior shield 5. Otherwise its a conditonal Protect Me.


Heal Augment

-Its ether renewal with a better heal but a longer cd and conditional. It will interact much better with the f5 mechanic I described.


-I would want it to interact with other spheres if it changed. For example, you take 20% less damage near earth, you gain 250 ferocity near air, and you gain 1 might per second near fire.


Elite Augment

-stop giving us 90s elites. I am so sick of it. Reduce its duration effect but half its cd for the love of god.



For the traits I want to double down on the concept of catalyst being a steady presense and reward them the longer they are in combat.


Elemental Empowerment

-Cool concept, however it should be easier to max but be harder to maintain. For the trait I would reduce its uptime to 10 seconds. I want to adjust the bottom traits to better interact with the energy system, keep the top aura focused and keep the middle stat focused.


Elemental Epitome

-I wouldnt change anything. Great idea and good for class identity


Hardened Auras

-The idea of this is fine, but its too hard to maintain and Catalyst should be rewarded for staying in combat. I would make this 15s duration.


Empowered Auras

-Same as Hardened Auras


Staunch Auras

-Finally we get stability on auras. Maybe increase to 4s or give 2 stacks. Its fine on its own.


Viscious Empowerment

-Like I said, easier to stack, harder to maintain. 8s duration and increase stacks by 1. 


Evasive Empowerment

-8s duration and 1 more stack.


Empowered Empowerment

-Fine on its own. Increase it to 30% maybe to compensate loss of uptime.


Engergized Elements 

-Good trait. Helps to maintain energy.


Spectacular Sphere

-Using an augment grants 5 energy. Keep its old affects as well.


Sphere Specialist

-Reduce cd of augments by 20%. Increase boon duration from spheres by 33%.



Over all I think the f5 mechanic is the Catalysts biggest limitation and I hope my ideas could be given some thought to the development team. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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I don't disagree with some of the problems you've listed here, but isn't it a bit early to be suggesting changes on how it plays? We haven't even gotten a chance to test it out in its current state. Some of the issues you listed here might actually not be as bad once we get our hands on it and begin theorycrafting.

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Agreed with above poster but you have some good ideas. I don't agree with all tho.  Also i think you overestimate the bonus from 10 attacks of empowerment. We won't know until the beta but it sounds like it is 10% (20 traited) is for attributes (precision, power, toughness, etc) and not end-result stats (strength, defense, crit chance, etc) which can halve the benefit. For example if i have 1000 armor and 1000 toughness making 2000 defense, an increase of 10% toughness is only a 5% increase in defense. 

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48 minutes ago, Nsuidara.3649 said:

but... "The energy system refreshing every time you switch attunements is bad design"
The energy system don't refresh when you switch. Developer use CHEAT and this refresh all, at all..


Plus actually it would be a better design IMO than this common ground targeted aoe with 15sec CD. Something like the energy on revenant.

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I got some ideas for the hammer skills, these are just some observations i had when i saw the elite spec:


Hammer skill nr2 in fire attunement, all flames should be ably to hit one target, so that when you get in melee range you do more damage. Basically get rewarded for going in melee range... Like shackling wave from revenant.


Hammer skill nr2 in air attunement, maybe make it target based, like rapid fire from ranger (longbow). People can now just walk out or dodge out of it, meaning you'll just be swinging your hammer without doing much. Enemies that stay near you target are also struck.


I don't know if this will make catalyst to strong or not, guess I'll find out in the beta 🙂

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