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Minor suggestion - Team Naming

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Using a selection of random location names is fine, but perhaps future Team names could follow various themes.

For instance:

- A Guild Wars 1 heroes theme with Rurik, Koss, Gwen, etc.

- A materials theme with Ambrite, Ectoplasm, Mithrilium, etc.

- An ArenaNet alumni theme with Wyatt, Phinney, Gray, etc.

Set free your imagination.  Themes are fun.


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On 9/25/2021 at 12:34 PM, SweetPotato.7456 said:

No thank you, have no feel for any of the name what so ever, or any new name.

You realise the teams are going to have names, right?

If you don't like any name what so ever then does it matter what they are? Surely that means using locations (Anet's current plan) is just as bad as using people or materials, so Anet might as well do it.

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