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Cant see weather effects and some other effects please help


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Im currently playing on maxed out settings but cant see weather effects like rain also i can hear them clearly.

But the worst thing is i cant see some of the raid mechanics like 1 of cairns aoe attacks.


are these some kind of bugs or is there something specific i need to keep in mind when looking at my settings?



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Have you activated DX11? If so try turning it off and restarting the game.


I've noticed a lot of random things are missing or look very strange since I've had DX11 turned on. For example the phoenix glider (fire wings) is only visible from below or directly above, with the camera angled behind and above the character like I normally have it they're invisible. Supply in WvW has a multicoloured pixel 'overlay' on it and disappears at certain angles too and lots of other things have done the same.


I haven't noticed weather effects disappearing but then I haven't looked, and I mainly play with the sound off so I won't have heard it.

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