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2 Accounts same PC and Login information saved in Launcher

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is there any way that i can save the account information (user/password) from 2 accounts in the GW2 Launcher?
i tried to copy the GW2 folder but they share the same login informations. probably Registry Key.
or can i add the login information in the startparameter from the launcher

i know there is an external tool but i dont want to insert my account data in a third party application.

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There was originally a command for shortcuts to enter your login, but it was removed due to security concerns. Fun fact, it originally revealed your login in crash logs.

The remembered login is stored in Local.dat under %appdata%/Guild Wars 2/. If you want a simple script to have multiple accounts, use this:


if not exist "%appdata%\Guild Wars 2\Local%1.dat" copy "%appdata%\Guild Wars 2\Local.dat" "%appdata%\Guild Wars 2\Local%1.dat"
del "%appdata%\Guild Wars 2\Local.dat"
mklink /H "%appdata%\Guild Wars 2\Local.dat" "%appdata%\Guild Wars 2\Local%1.dat"
start Gw2-64.exe %*

Save it as Gw2-64.bat it in the same folder as Gw2-64.exe. You would launch account #1 and #2 like this:

Gw2-64.bat -1
Gw2-64.bat -2 -maploadinfo
(you can add arguments to pass them to GW2)

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