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Icebrood saga

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It’s only ever free normally once - during each episodes initial release.

However it should be free again when we get to it in the current return to living world schedule. I suspect that will be late Nov at a guess

Im not a big fan of IBS and each episode was only really half of one, so I’m not sure which to advise. Except the Prologue - that was excellent. Don’t pay for the Champions episode(s)unless you have to. It’s… not good in my opinion 

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12 hours ago, danielrjones.8759 said:

I thought they were going to restart the LS on Oct. 19th.  Which would be the beginning of IBS. 

Just double checked,  yes it's Oct19th-Nov30th




Ah cool. To be honest I hadn’t paid attention to where we were at with the return stuff

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