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Having Problem with content guide

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1 hour ago, Kashite.9048 said:

But to check the story guide i have to open the story panel, beside tht there is no other way

If you disable the personal story in the content guide, it should show the story tracker below the content guide. If it's not displaying, and you for sure have an active story, chances are you have an addon that hides the story tracker.

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9 hours ago, Kashite.9048 said:

So i have been facing this problem in game where the story part of the content guide is not accessible 

But if I off the Hide Story/Event and Story option it appears again. 


Are you talking about this: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Options#User_Interface

Content Guide — Select which content is tracked in the upper right corner of GUI. By default, prioritizes personal story, then events, then undiscovered map locations.

  • Drop-down options include "Default", "None" (disabled), "Disable Personal Story" (events then undiscovered map), and "Hide Events and Personal Story" (only undiscovered map)

Did you set this option to Disable Personal Story or Hide Event and Personal Story? Both will not show any direction (green symbol below minimap/compass) for where to go to continue Story on minimap/compass.

Also did you set up to hide elements of Compass (minimap) in UI? Link above should also show you where in Option you control UI for GW2. It is part of Dynamic HUD section in Option.

Checked in game and you have to make sure in
Dynamic HUD part Objectives are showing as it can hide that part which that will show in which direction you have to go for Story or Events. In Content Guide set it to Default to show you an arrow to point where to go for Story. If you want to focus on tracking direction for unknow POI, WP etc when you do map completion, set it Hide Event and Personal Story.

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