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When i log out, game is not logging me out.

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I searched before posting so if this is the wrong spot for this, so sorry.


I don't think the game is logging me out when I log off.  I have the timer on to remind me how long i have been in game. For example: I played 6 hours one day then logged off and later that evening came back though the timer kept showing i had been playing for 6 hours.

And again today. I played for 1 hour and logged out then just now coming back in it is showing i have been playing for 2 hours.

Don't know if this is an issue.

Should i be concerned about it?

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2 hours ago, grommie.6107 said:

I really don't know.

You could buy some cheap food with short duration like 10 or 15 min duration (see link for what food that cheap on TP or can be crafted or bought with Karma), close game (don't just go to Character select screen, but log off and close game completly from being still connected to server with Desktop option [F12]).

Link to all food in game: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Food

(If you have tools or any other consumable with short duration that are showing time in your inventory or bank then it is as useful as food. I just listed food as an option to keep it simple.)

With Character Select you should have game stop counting down on your food as you are not activatily playing that characer anymore, but with Desktop option you should be logged out of server meaning that techically you shouldn't be connected to any  ANet GW2 server which you still wil be when you are in Character Select option, that is the reason why you can go directly to another character without the need to log in again.


If you use MS Windows you should also be able to track down in background what is going on with MS Windows own app Task Manager.

This site linked down here explains how Task Manger work and in Processes tab you should see if GW2-x64.exe (named: Guild Wars 2 Game Client) are still running even when you have closed the log in windows which is named Coherent UI. Use ALT+TAB to see Task Manger if it is hidden while you have game running and filling up your screen/desktop.



With Task Manger you should now be able to see if your client are really closed down or if it is still running even after you have closed it from within game [F12] or [Esc]ape. You can force close GW2 game client from Task manger as described in that Task Manger Guide, but it should not be needed when everything is running as it should.

If you use any 3d party add-on like Taco or ArcDPS make sure that those have been updated.

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