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Couple of bugs (general feedback on beta)

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Some bugs that are probably mentioned elsewhere

- Objectives not showing right colours throughout maps

- Need to check supply depot to see right colour when you're on map. It is especially confusing since different people in your group see different colours, so you don't know who's defending/attacking.

- Party members not displaying on maps

- Information on maps is incoherent: camp has wrong colour, showing Righteous Indignation, but actually running speedy dollies.

- it would help a lot if people in your friends list have the world they belong to mentioned


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3 hours ago, Dawdler.8521 said:

3 of your bugs listed is the same bug.

But it happens more often than just 3 times 🙂


Also the ownership in the (mini-)map popup shows ownership with team-names not even participating in the map.

Maybe we see the ownerships of  other matches?

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Queues for maps are bugged

a lot of times, the queue will reset without asking if you want to go to your new map

or if you click travel, it will tell you the map is full and put you to the back of the queue


If youre in a squad, the other ppl in your squad dont appear on the map

or they only show as green dots instead of blue


Some ppl dont show their toon name, only the alliance name and their wvw rank

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