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Stronkhold Shoutbow Berserker


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I know you guys ain't Stronghold enthusiasts. Yet, I had lots of fun while playing Berserker during holidays (some results: #1 & #2), so I thought I will share:




Amulets: Sage, Rabid, Carrion (based on enemy comp)

Rune: Soldier, Balthazar, Dolyak (based on enemy comp)

Weapons: Longbow & Sword/Warhorn

Sigils: Smoldering, Doom, Energy, Transference (based on comp, sometimes skipping Transference)


Those who will decide to give it a try, hope you get as much fun as did I 😁

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forgot about rune ​🙃​
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Certainly it's not good 1v1 build, compared to a Spellbreaker its pretty squishy as it lack selfish defensive CDs if we go for warhorn over shield. I wanted to play somekind of support build, but more offensive than Guardian (after all we won't match guardian group support/tankiness) and being turtle doesn't win games in Stronghold. Feels okay when not focused by enemies as healing provided to allies can be pretty decent (around 10k per ally if we use both charges of each shout in fight, can be a bit more in longer fight) and damage is really good. Banner feels nice as rez signet, but it can also secure kills.


So far what I like about this experiment is that we can immdietly go Berserk in fights (its a bit risky as it requires to lock us out of heal for a bit, but we still can heal a bit with remaining shouts if needed), primal burst on sword is pretty deadly as 2nd option and its ranged. Discipline allowing constant weapon swaps makes Berserk a bit better, especially with adrenaline pump on weapon swap. It allows some aggresive plays while still supporting team. Banner as noted before can turn the tide of fight in both defensive and offensive way. Mobility isn't the worst with Sword+Warhorn, but don't really have high hopes for Conquest with it, but certainly will try to play some more of it with this build.

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